L citrulline or L arginine supplements for ED?

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by luke775, May 29, 2019.

  1. luke775

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    I’ve recently ordered some L-Citrulline supplements to hopefully help with my mild/medium erectile dysfunction problems (l-citrulline is proven to increase Nitric Oxide levels and blood flow for those who don’t know). Has anyone tried any Nitric oxide boosters (citrulline arginine etc.) before? and has it helped with your ED? if so, how much did you take? and how long does it take until you start seeing a difference in your erectile dysfunction? thanks :))
  2. KurtWagner

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    Hopefully yours can prep your body for something more potent..because those arent the best by themselves..you need a bigger stack from what I've seen. Arginine alone helps improve my bodies overall bloodflow, but nothing spectacular for my bits. I'm almost done my 1 month bottle and then I'll be trying citrulline malate. I've seen a lot of better experiences on that after people have already used citrulline or arginine by itself.
    I'll let you know if I feel a difference in potency. But hopefully the citrulline alone works.. let me know how it goes for you pal.
  3. guy_376

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    I haven't tried L-Citrulline, but regularly take L-Arginine. I take 3,000mg a day and find it does help with erectile dysfunction. I look forward to trying L-Citrulline.
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  4. Klici

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    I've tried them. Only magic pills work well for me.
  5. skull67

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    garlic, the age old recipe for dick problems, it is extremely bad for taste, but will give you lasting and most importantly bnatural erections, you will hav to crush raw garlic clove and placce it in your mouth for close to a minute, and trust me, it will burn your mouth. but it will be worth it.

    obviously you are feeling disguste just by the thought of it, but just google it, and when you re convinced, hit me up, i will tell you how that works.
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  6. ultrafabber

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    I agree with garlic, it's actually a potent nitric oxide booster. I've been using it for a while.

    My question is, why do you think you have to crush it and hold it in your mouth? I just chew it and quickly swallow it.
  7. skull67

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    look, i knew about this, ad earlier i used to just crush a few cloves and mix it with honey nd take it with water, and it important, you need at least three glasses of water when you takee it because garlic is too spicy and you ned your boody to cool down unless you live in a cool place, bu i saw a video of a very renowned doctor, he said the realchemiclas are released only when iit mixes with our saliva, and he said for 2-3 minutes, but i know its very very difficult so i said one minute, and you will have to ot give it a lot of time, because its natural thing and e are already too messed up in our bodies, so everything done righ also takes longer man, is for citrulline, well sstop with meds, and only eats tons of watermelons
  8. ultrafabber

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    Ok i will try to chew them and keep them in my mouth.

    As for citrulline, it appears that yellow watermelons have the highest citrulline content



    going to buy some yellow watermellon right now

    @luke775 is probably interested as well
  9. RollerCoaster

    RollerCoaster Fapstronaut

    Do you take it in small doses or all at once in the evening?
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  10. guy_376

    guy_376 Fapstronaut

    I take 2,000 mg in the morning, and one at dinner. I buy them at Walgreens on sale.
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  11. Titu

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    Garlic tastes great and is mightly potent health wise.
  12. I workout, alot, and L-Citruilline & L-Arginine will be in any good pre-workout supplement that bodybuilders and powerlifters are used to.

    I've never used them on their own solely to help with ED, and I've never seen a "helping hand" with my D when taking my pre-workout. Although both work together to increase blood flow to muscles, I think there are supplements to add with the two amino acids above to help with this.

    I would try out the below list if you haven't already and see how it goes:
    Tribulus Terrestris.

    As always do some research and consult a doctor before taking anything, even herbal supplements.
  13. Lilla_My

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    If the eyes are the window to your soul, the junk is the window to your heart. If your blood flow is so impaired at 18 that you need supplements or prescription medication to get it up, chances are your heart health is completely in the toilet. I seriously doubt that though.

    No, lack of nitric oxide is not the problem, high speed internet pornography is. Your brain has rewired itself to only respond to extreme stimuli.

    It doesn't matter how big we build the mailbox if the postal service is non existent. Your penis is perfectly fine, your blood flow is perfectly fine, your testosterone levels are perfectly fine. It's your brain that needs to heal.

    L-citrulline has some studies behind it and has shown a modest increase in nitric oxide in mice genitalia, if I remember correctly. I would hazard a guess that red beetroot juice is way more efficient and way cheaper (it's proven to increase nitric oxide). Red beets also contains other flavonoids and antioxidants that could be beneficial for overall health.

    Nothing will hold a candle against time and abstinence though.
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  14. This.
  15. Daxos

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    I've used both, and L-arginine really made a difference I think. Science says L-citrulline is better since taking L-arginine. Can't remember specifically why, but it has to do with how the body uses both sources. I just take both nowadays. L-arginine before bed and in the morning, and L-citrulline before workouts

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