keep on relapsing all the time..

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Getting out of this, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. Getting out of this

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    what can i do?
    will it evantualy stop?
    I think its not a porn addiction, its specipicly to a tipe of porn, watching it make my dopamine level so high, when i get the urge after 4-5 days of reboot try, i just can't hold myself from watching it, and then the m arrives.
    i feel it takes my powers, my manhood, it takes me, it killes me, everytime i do it, and still it happens again and again and again

    some q -
    - how do i use porn blockers?
    - can i put them of Iphone also?
    - how can i beat my brain next time?

    Start count from 0 again
    wish me luck..
  2. Good luck and don't give up. I'm sure they have blockers for iPhone but I don't have one.
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  4. hollyman

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    4-5 days? Do u ussualy fap in weekend or certain days? If not then when u reach day 4 u must do some action like goin with ur friend,, purpossely staying at the office or etc

    The simple thing is, if u feel that the urge will commin tomorow, then un instal or block the browser, instagram, youtube any kind of triggering

    And stay strong when the addiction attack you

    I recomended at certain days when u are weak goto public place or youre friend
  5. horny nerd

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    For the computer the best blocker is pluck eye. You should set it to block all images and only allow a couple sites like Netflix. Then you can set the delay to 20 minutes or longer. My delay is only 30 seconds and I have no desire to watch P on the computer.

    For the IPhone the best blocker is in settings in restrictions. If you ask someone else to set the password and go to websites and put filter adult and always allow some sites and always block some sites it works. Also setting apps to only 12+ helps a lot.

    I have deleted Youtube, Instagram, Reddit and more. I blocked them also. They are a waste of time and lead me to relapses.
  6. Catondo\

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    Mmmm my advice is just go the longest that you can. Relapse only if you can't stand anymore, as a last resort, when you say "I just can't handle the pressure anymore". And do it without porn and only once (no binge) it must be a a really mild experience fast and shameful.
    For me this is helpful because I can lose all my streak and in exchange I have this little 20sec fap WITHOUT porn. Porn is out of question.

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