Karezza technique. Share your wisdom, questions, good and bad experiences ( Possible triggers)

Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by LakeMichigan, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. LakeMichigan

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    I encourage people to share their experiences or questions and advises on using karezza technique on this thread.

    I am in a relationship and started having sex with GF again after a break. In the beginning I wanted to continue my hard mode reboot but it turned in to soft mode reboot. I wanted to use karezza technique which also ultimately failed.

    However, I haven't totally given up on it. I do want to keep away from porn and would like to avoid/minimize all risks including sex with GF which may cause a relapse.

    I understand that it is already mentioned else where on this forum that rebooting in a relationship is 1000 times difficult but I wonder if Karezza technique is a reasonable compromise for both parties and would like to know the viability of it.

    If you have tried Karezza technique and learned a few things from your experience please share it on this thread so that others can learn from it and possibly improve it.
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  2. Kangaroo

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    I have tried Karezza, but when in the throws of love making, it's hard as hell not to want to O at some point.

    Plus, you have to let your GF know beforehand. I think if she doesn't know that you are intentionally not going for the big O, she might think somethings wrong with you or even her.

    Here's a article on Karezza in 4 Easy Steps. To bad it's not that easy. Seems like a super-duper hard mode to me.

    Good luck!
  3. LakeMichigan

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    I totally agree with you

    Yes, even when I explained to her what I am trying to do but I have a feeling she doesn't fully appreciate it..I think my GF actually likes seeing me achieve Big O

    Thanks for the link and that is exactly what I want out of this thread..sharing information and finding a way to explain it to our GFs and also finding a way for us master this technique. Before nofap people probably thought that rebooting for 90 days is extremely hard( and nuts) and next to impossible but a few members showed that it is possible and I am hoping some one /few people can show that it is actually in the realm of reality.
  4. Kangaroo

    Kangaroo Guest

    To be honest, I love seeing/giving my wife an O more than I like an O for myself. I've heard it said that when a man brings a woman to O, not only is it giving her a wonderful release, it is also giving himself an ultimate healing calmness, and a spiritually rewarding power.

    An alternative to the Karezza method I've been practicing is Tantric sex with my wife and it's very soothing to say the least. Tantra isn't all about sex, but real deep affectionate love. I'm practicing with it to become a way of life.

    See this video: Tantra - An introduction to Tantric sex
  5. LakeMichigan

    LakeMichigan Fapstronaut

    @Kangaroo Thanks for the link. In this video there aren't many details about how sex will energize a person/couple and prevent loss of life force. I will probably need to do more research.
  6. Dogwood

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  7. LakeMichigan

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    @Dogwood Thank you so much. Those are excellent links and that is exactly what I am looking for. The stories in the first link are inspiring and gives hope that it is at least "experimentable".
  8. e_k_1

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    I practice Karezza with my wife somewhat regularly. We tried to do Karezza only for a while when I first started rebooting about a year ago. In fact, the same person who told us about yourbrainonporn also told us about Karezza. We found it awkward and uncomfortable at first, but after a while we both appreciate its connecting and healing power and benefits. It's one of the things we will do sometimes even if we don't feel horny. We also started relaxing the rules sometimes lately, and let it lead to gentle love making, sometimes ending with an O for either or both of us, more often not. We have both also learned some tantric teachings and practices, but want to dive deeper into those.
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  9. LakeMichigan

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    @e_k_1 Thanks for sharing your experience.
  10. Cyrus the Virus

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    There seems to be a quickly growing interest in this Karezza on NoFap lately. I personally don't think it is very wise to discuss this topic on a pornography addiction forum. Maybe it would better suited on a general sexual health forum. This topic can be a really sensitive trigger for many people.
  11. LakeMichigan

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    @Cyrus the Virus I understand what you are saying but this is a thread under "Relationships" and the aim is to help balance people's (specifically pornography addicts) relationship needs and to make progress on being PMO free. I also added trigger warning in the title.
  12. Dogwood

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    @Cyrus the Virus I have to agree with Lake. Karezza is actually therapeutic for some guys (maybe gals too?) when they're quitting porn, so it definitely belongs here. Just do your best not to fantasize. ;-)
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  13. Just read this last link and did some other googling. Thanks for posting this! I had no idea what karezza was before I ready is thread, and I was curious. It seems like it could be a really awesome thing.
  14. LakeMichigan

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    I can't really say I am practicing Karezza technique but I am staying away from O as much as possible. A month ago it was relatively easy but last couple of weeks it became a little bit difficult to hold back I am O'ing relatively quick. I feel like I have heightened sensitivity or something. Did any one experience this ?
  15. Chef Boy

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    It's common in the rebooting stages of Nofap. Pent-up sexual energy can mean release is premature.
  16. LakeMichigan

    LakeMichigan Fapstronaut

    It is possible that my rebooting is messing with my O but I have been away from P for a while (>100 days) and I thought I am closer to some kind of plateau physically and mentally but in reality I am not on both fronts these days..
  17. Shiva44poison

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    I control on breathing while sex but sometime I ejeculate . I never reach a week or 3 days without ejeculating. So I decide to be in hardmode but my wife want sex now what to do I don't know is there any one who can say they practise karezza for month without ejeculating please suggest me or give me answer I am in trouble
  18. LakeMichigan

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    I am not sure how much your wife knows about Karezza and what you are trying to achieve, it will be easier if she is supporting you. You seem very young and at that age it is difficult to control excitement but I think it will take some practice to get used to it. I have gone without ejaculating for >15 days but my girlfriend at the time knew what I was doing and she was supportive of it.
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