Just got cured from hard flaccid after 8 years.

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    I cured myself completely from hard flaccid a couple of months ago, it took me 8 years.

    It all started a day after reaching multiple orgasms. I had been experiencing with some kegels and PE exercises during a couple of weeks before. I remember the penis feeling a little stiff. I didn’t think about it much though. A couple of days Iater I ejaculated multiple times again and that’s when it hit badly. I remember the penis feeling disconnected from the body, all the blood and tissue was sucked out and left was a shriveled hard pipe. The feeling was horrible.

    It affected my life for a while greatly. My state of mind lead to a loss of motivation, confidence and general energy. My grades turned worse, I had no energy to search for a job and quit football, a sport that I had dedicated a big part of my life to.

    My healing process started when I started to read a lot of books. I somehow found Tony Robbins and started to read tons of books on personal development, psychology, NLP, biographies from successful people and so on. This completely changed my mindset quickly. I stopped feeling sorry for myself, accepted the situation and took on the challenge to overcome the challenge that I had got forced to deal with.

    After reading about other’s stories I came to realise that it was pelvic floor related and started out reading tons of books about the subject. I also contacted a pelvic floor therapist who was specialised in ”M.A.T- Muscle activation techniques” and started getting quick results, I found out that if rehabilitated all the muscles around the pelvic floor (Getting rid of tension, strengthening weak points, trigger point therapy) it would dissolve pelvic tension.

    Playing the puzzle with my body fixed 50-80% of the problem. I got fully restored once i realised my prostate was a piece of the puzzle.

    I'm confident that it's the root cause behind all of this, it’s the root behind most chronic pelvic disorders in general, unfortunately the doctors knowledge and awareness within this area is horrible.

    How did I ever come to think of the prostate being the problem? Well, when I was volunteering at a children's orphanage in Tanzania I had a lot of time for myself each day to just think. At this point I was a lot better, could have sex from time to time but the hard flaccid was still present, I couldn’t ejaculate frequently without it coming back and I also had problems with premature ejaculation even though things were a lot better from all of the rehab I’d done. At my spare time I was reading tons of books and was just thinking about my life and how to improve it constantly. I decided that I would try to think about all the things that may have had an impact on this back from my childhood. And I came to think about an event when I was very young and got a candida infection on my penis. During this infection I also remember that I got some unpleasant floatings from my penis. I wonder where these floatings came from, and googled where sperm is produced. I came to know that it’s the prostate which is producing sperm and started to make my research. Rather quickly I had a feeling that I was onto something as I read about people tons of people with prostate problems having CPPS, lower back pain, cold hands and feet and so on. I made some further research, changed my diet and acquired medicine in order to starve the probable bacteria which was causing a chemical reaction in the pelvic floor, resulting in a block of blood flow. I got immediate results and got rid off HF completely in a matter of 2-4 weeks after 8 long years of struggle.

    You’re welcome to write questions down below.
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    Can you give a full detail of your symptoms & the steady increase from trigger points m.a.t .

    I also been dealing with this for 8 years as well. I spent most of my time 3-4yrs thinking it was hormone related and another 4 yrs thinking it would straighten itself out if I just went on with life.
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    You didn’t mention what medicine you took or what kind of diet you were on.

    You also didn’t mention what you did to solve the 50-80% of the problem.

    Many people are dealing with hard flaccid and I had it badly at one point in time.

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