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    Hey, alright. After getting around this site a little more after initially finding my way here yesterday I decided that a journal might be a good idea.

    Day 1
    Started the 7 Day Challenge
    Looking for replacement habits to PMO, found a brainjogging app with daily workouts for the old lump that sits between my ears. Currently unable to use excercise as a replacement habit since the heat is really getting to me after a day of the workshop in heavy clothing.
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  2. Boxingjohn

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    So it seems like I am as bad at keeping a journal as I've been all my life. I did try several times throghout the years, though I never seem to stick with it.

    Came back from a two week vacation on friday, my mind's been a little jumbled since. Found myself with a nauseating headache yesterday, feel better now. Looks like I will stay in today to read and mediate. Starting tomorrow, I'll pick up my exercising routine since the weather has gotten quite a bit cooler lately.
    Aside from this I have been lacking the resolve and had to reset. The brainjogging does help so I will force myself to stick to it when cravings hit.

    Hope you are all doing alright.
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  3. Boxingjohn

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    Lately there hasn't been much happening that I would say is worth writing down. Injured myself at work today, so much for a workout tonight...
    A few coworkers will join me for my full body workout on monday and running on tuesday. If everything goes smoothly we might make it a regular thing.
    No cravings lately, quite a bit of exhaustion following my workday.
    I'll update as I find interesting things to post.

    Have a good time everyone.
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  4. Boxingjohn

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    So one of the major news around this dude's life here is my very own punching bag at home! Cost me quite a few bucks but I'm not complaining at all.
    Aside from this I have been struggling with PMO lately. I started walking to work and home, about 8km every day to get some more exercise in. I get up rather early for this, which is also nice. Started my workout routine back up, managed to get a coworker to join me once a week.
    All in all I'm getting my balance back, just gotta bite the bullet and get my head back in the game once and for all.

    See y'all around.
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    Land a couple nice uppercuts on it for me would ya? Speaking of boxing a boxing gym opened up right on my street. I used to train boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai among other things.

    Not sure I will join but boxing has got to be one of the most phenomenal activities for mind and body coordination and health. Also boxers are some of the fittest people on the planet if they train like a real one. Well I suppose one can only do it for so long before they risk losing brain cells. Higher levels of fighting on the other hand do not participate for sport and that's all.
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