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    I understand and any feedback is always welcome.

    Luckily (so far) this season of GoT hasn't had much in the way of nudity, just gore, and fighting. As for keeping him away from any nudity, my personal take on that - I'm afraid setting such a boundary is an unrealistic expectation in this day and age, it's everywhere from random shows, movies (even those you'd assume are safe), AD's, billboards, anywhere you go really (especially where we live, it's everywhere). I do not think it is possible to cut it all off completely if he would come to me and says he hasn't seen any nudity or barely there imagery on storefronts, I would be instantly triggered because I would know he is lying to me. Plus, the woman doesn't have to be nude for him to become lustful, with or without clothes his mind can go there, so for me, the most important part is that he develops the discipline and self-control to no longer need to ogle/lust (after other women) and is easily able to fight his urges. I don't want to feel like I'm controlling him and he is on his best behavior because he knows I'm handling him, then when something pops up out of nowhere and I'm not around, he is ill-prepared and can't control himself. He needs to have discipline and self-control, not because I want him to do so, but because it is what he wants to do, for himself. So far, he has been on track with that, and also pretty open and honest with me. He has gotten a lot better than where he was over a year ago, in terms of lusting or ogling - I'm having more issues controlling my own PTSD going off when I notice those women, than me, actually seeing him ogle, these days. I guess I just have a different perspective on how I look at it, I may be wrong, I may be right, but it's my own personal belief system.

    Oh I know this last setback was a big one, and now he knows it too, we've talked about it all week, he finally connects the dots as to why it was as big of a deal that it was and he tried to explain why he wasn't thinking outside of the box on this. He said something didn't sit right and he was honest with me about it, he didn't hide anything. We're mastering the art of being comfortable with uncomfortable conversations and learning from each setback. I'm still not fully healed yet, this vacation of his was ruined... he can feel it these days when things aren't "peachy" as I kind of tune out a bit, it's difficult to explain but neither of us enjoys it. Now because of this setback, he has gotten a lot more aware of just how bad his selfish personality trait is and finally sees some of the points I've been trying to make for a while. As I mentioned, we try to at least learn something from each setback, now that he is aware, he can approach this problem differently.

    He can not leave his job, it's union, he would lose his retirement and pension if he does. He doesn't see her often, she works a different shift, it just so happened that (as @Susannah like's to say) a cosmic joke occurred and he had to work a double, so they got assigned to work together by their boss. He just could have made different choices when it came to lunch, which is why what happened, happened.

    He has made major changes at work though, to the point where his co-workers make fun of him for no longer being apart of their group texts (porn filled) and not checking out women. It's major for them to notice the changes, especially since no one there knows he is in recovery.

    Yes, we do hit snags here and there, I think this last one opened his eyes quite a bit though. If he can figure out how to manage or control his selfish tendencies, that would play a huge role in everything else. It has been the culprit behind most of his setbacks because he didn't think ahead or think of how his actions would or could affect me.

    However, I don't consider most of his mistakes huge in the grand scheme of things (other than this last one). I have one major boundary in place for him, be honest under any and all circumstances and so far, he has not broken that one. He has been honest about everything, even things he could have easily hidden - that's how I determine if he is in real recovery or just checking boxes. I understand that mistakes are apart of recovery, a lot of times it is because of those mistakes (after the anger/shitstorm settles) we are able to sit down, talk it out and learn what happened and what we can do to change it, so it does not happen again. He has changed, grown and is completely different than how he was during his addiction, even with some setbacks here and there, this time when he makes mistakes he is actually remorseful and tries to empathize - before he wasn't even phased.

    Thank you again for your honest feedback, I appreciate it, being a partner that gets thrown into this, just sucks -- for everyone involved.

    Enjoy those years when your baby is starting to walk, soon they'll be running and shortly after the nonstop "mommy, but why!" will begin, then you'll miss these years lol
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    I totally spaced that you are in NYC which yes.... there are triggers everywhere. But I guess for us, obviously we couldn't limit everything but in the beginning we gave my husband the best chance at being successful by cutting 80% of it out. Obviously we have billboards around us and the mall ads are pretty bad at times, etc. and so we just did our best. But the no nudity we were pretty strict on given that nudity on a screen no matter what it is reactivates the porn wiring in the brain.

    And ogling and lusting, my husband never went through that, but I know @Kenzi and her husband did and I know they had a 3 second rule and ways they dealt with it and I do believe today he doesn't struggle nearly the way he used to, so maybe she can give some solid pointers.

    And yes, obviously we want our addicts to be able to have self-control and we are not their mothers.... but addicts in the beginning of recovery (and if they keep relapsing/hiding/lying etc they are still in "active mode" essentially because the wires are bring fired up) they need strictness and structure. I say this not only for PA's but all addicts. Give an addict and inch, they will take a mile. Eventually the strictness and structure loosen as they are out of the fog, doing well in recovery and you can see a genuine change - which I do think Wade had had those genuine moments thus far, which is great!

    Oh yeah, that is so hard! I get it, I mean my husband wasn't an ogler, but given I found all his history I know the exact types he saw and looked at so when I see those types in real life even if they aren't triggers for him anymore and such I still am in fight or flight mode ready to bolt and panic.

    Something that has helped us is that we know that we are going to run into situations that are just BAD for one or both of us as we try to live a life of recovery.... so in those situations, usually my husband can totally tell, but even if not, and I make it known that my trigger level is extremely high because of X then we have come up with many solutions for possible situations (i.e. triggering girl walks in and sits in husbands view, we switch seats.... guys start calling girls bitches, cunts, whores and talking porn and stuff, he calls them out on it and leaves, being invited to a bar late at night, he tells the guys to come over instead as we have a little one and are tied up,e tc.). We also have a code word for if either of us is triggered so we can just say that and we can do our best to support each other and make the situation as easy as it can possibly be.

    For me I've learned that I can handle 1-2 triggers a day if they are spaced out.... but if I get bombarded with trigger, after trigger, after trigger, (like at a mall or something) then I am already gone in BT/PTSD mode. So we do have plans for those times where we will need to go to a mall to get clothes.... it just has taken a lot of communication and for him to really be understanding which came with recovery time.

    Ohhhhh okay, got it. At least they work different shifts.... in the future, I would definitely have a talk about if he ever does end up getting a shift with her he lets you know ASAP and lets you know about all the information you need/want to know. For me, I would want to know where they are (at work, at a work site, grabbing food) and I would want to know the conversation topics and if she was flirty/ trying to touch him and if so, how did he handle the situation (i.e. "I have a wife, you really need to stop flirting and touching me, you're making me uncomfortable and I really wouldn't want to take this to HR and want to nip it here in the bud, thanks and I hope you can respect my feelings on it" etc).

    Well it's good he has changed, and fuck those guys lol. I know my husband called out on of his past co-workers when he was talking VS models and my husband was pointing out how unhealthy they are, the standards, the diets they go on etc. and how they are a person and the guy was young (20?) and was like, "well she is hot" lol but he did try which is what counted. I hope Wade is/can be that brave as he continues into recovery.

    Is he in therapy, coaching, etc.? I think you have mentioned before something about the BAE group? Are they getting to the root of the issue? Is he doing self-reflection? Is he changing routines/routes/habits that can help with changing his mindsets? etc.

    Okay, I get that. Given that you used the word mistake (which they are) I do hope Wade is conscious that those were his choices (which also are mistakes at the same time) but just wanted to make sure he was making that distinction for himself.

    No problem, and yes, being the partner in this.... is royal hell. Seriously there are days I just don't want to get out of bed (especially after nightmares about this whole thing) and then there are days I am like "I can do this!" it's a damn crazy roller coaster.

    And yes, everything seems to be flying by, he is trying to run already and he is just everywhere and getting into everything it's so hard to keep up haha
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    Thank you for your posts ladies, the notes and attention to detail is very good.


    I thank you for saying you have a two or three tiered system of defense to deal with your developed triggers (you are referring to yourself as an SO right)?

    It seemed to me being the AP and wife has literally given you anxiety, nervousness, and other trauma-like symptoms long into recovery. Is that accurate?

    I Read you mention ptsd—has taking the role (of an AP) also caused you ptsd symptoms? I’m assuming this is betrayal trauma, then?

    Your detailed notes Wow. Here at nofap I have seen different records that members keep to identify and resolve their challenges, one guy I follow tabulates his urges everyday.
    Everyday. He averages 40 I saw.
    Then categorizes then low, moderate, high.

    A young man for whom I am his AP, keeps tally on how many times he would have pmo’d versus his tracker. ( to give some indication of improvement).

    When I saw the relapse dates you know about i just shrank. If these accounting systems were medical procedures we would rate them with a percentage of success. If 100% success were realistic then the reality of your system would reflect in its vulnerability meaning a failure would make it 90% success, 50% success etc.

    If your accountability system were a treatment plan that you were to recommend to the next generation ——what grade would you assign it? And why ?
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    @need4realchg I think in the very beginning (which was almost 3 years ago) I fell into AP given we didn't have many resources at the time nor the help and I'd already been through the drill of addiction and recovery in my own life so I knew how it went and took charge when my husband was literally shell shocked at the reality of what he had done and was a zombie. I definitely think having an outside AP is best but that doesn't mean you don't check in with your partner about what they need from you. When my husband and I went through the Intimacy Anorexia/ Married and Alone program I loved that my husband had a sponsor and was supposed to work through things with the sponsor, it left me more time to relax and do my own recovery work and I could check in with my husband and ask how his call went and we would talk about anything that we had agreed we as a couple would discuss.

    And we have many many things that we have changed for both of us. My husband isn't triggered anymore and seems perfectly fine navigating life whereas with my betrayal trauma (and my own anorexia) I cannot just walk in life and be okay, I am the one who is traumatized and triggered so any issues we default to my comfort levels as I heal. And we have come very far. In the beginning my husband didn't have a computer or phone or tech at all as the trust was 100% gone and technology use sent me into a PTSD attack. These days, my husband birthday just passed and I bought him a new laptop and he has EverAccountable on it and I honestly forget to check it because trust has been rebuilt for the most part. He still checks in with me, and he now in recovery has deep respect for what he has done and accomodates me when it comes to triggers. We use certain routes given others have stores like VS or ads, or we agree that when we go to the Mall it's in the fall and winter and we just shop for year round stuff then, etc. We have both come up with, compromised, and agreed on a new recovery lifestyle that is fair to both of us. If we ever need to revisit it, tweak it, we do. My list of boundaries and consequences has shifted dramatically over the years. At this point it's very small compared to what it used to be as trust has been earned. In recovery you will need to figure out what works and what doesn't and as you move through recovery those things will shift.

    The Betrayal Trauma is from his lies. The anxiety is because I discovered his history and saw EVERYTHING. Had he been honest from the get-go I would not be suffering Betrayal Trauma. I would be a spouse, happy that my husband was honest with me and I would have gotten him the proper help. I am almost graduated with my BA in Forensic Psych and am very familiar with methods of help in a variety of issues - especially addiction related so even though I was bombarded and totally devasted when I found everything.... I picked myself up, put on a strong face and just said either you're in recovery or you're out. I would not live with an active addict (as I have my own sobriety to worry about adn don't need an active addict dragging me back to those active addict days).

    Hope that helps/clarifies
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    I wish you would post 1,000 more times than you do.
    Elucidated and concise writing is what helps those of us with reduced attention spans get the point. Your message was tremendously effective. My wife is a child Psychologist, and refuses to do the things you have done here, but I understand her reasons too.

    She, when our problems began, went to counseling and kept telling me to consider it. As most men, I thought counseling meant, "I don't know how to think." I knew I was wrong, I didn't think talking about it would change my mind; my mom tried to shame me into changing, that didn't work, I had already tried praying for years, promises, self-harm, etc, nothing I ever tried worked. I went to numerous counselors anyways:

    the first was a group that was for SA (I'm one), it was too kumbaya, I got the first coin and left.
    the second was a group of mostly LDS guys, in that one I felt awkward since I'm not part of that particular brand of believers, and our acting out was nothing in the same universe.
    the third group was like a guided reading group study, we had homework and talked about the role of men, etc.
    I even had a female who I went to her the most ; one if the questions she asked made my wife infuriated. The psychologist said "if there were no stigma from watching porn how would you feel about doing it? " that screwed with my thinking as I realized she was right-- my guilt and shame came from the stigma not from what it caused my family or myself.

    If you have a journal, please let me see it. Thanks for your candor on dealing with addictions in general. I find many of the SO's do not really understand the depravity addiction can create, so they have false, unrealistic expectations. There is one guy I'm the AP for, he can't (I'm being totally serious) he cannot commit to very basic grooming functions, his depression/addiction has overtaken him. These guys are empty shells worse than their wives in many cases. They don't believe help will work, or that recovery is truly possible. They have stopped hoping because they did all that by themselves long before they got caught...
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    Yep lol NYC, sex/half-naked women sell stuff here like hot cakes and so of course since money talks, it is used to promote anything and everything, it's pathetic but unfortunately reality.

    He has actually gotten much better with ogling/slips, we've worked out our own system, where full honesty and complete awareness is the best policy for us. He is able to recognize the difference between unintentional slips, where his eyes just meet anyone's ass (because of 'force of habit', which he is working on, like even finding his eyes automatically going downward, even if a grandpa passing by) so meaning slips out of reflex, even if there is zero attraction. He is able to recognize if someone is attractive, but not go into lust anymore. He is able to distinguish the difference (finally!) between noticing someone attractive versus being attracted to someone, he can even be mindful enough to break it down. Changes are happening on his end and he is out of the fog, for sure, but for me though, due to my own issues on it, I still just find it difficult to believe, after everything I've witnessed/been through for over 12 years, that I'm the one he wants/desires - especially after triggers, when I compare myself to how those other women look (how different we are). I know that recovery rewires their brains, I know it's science blah blah, but my brain was never in a fog, it was all painful and real to me.

    Boundaries came about differently for us, I would kindly inform him what makes me uncomfortable or could possibly trigger me, then he would decide whether or not to put up his own boundaries/bottom liners (for himself). So far, it has been working well, he hasn't lied or relapsed yet. There was only one boundary I set in place from the start and the only one I care about, it was - be honest, no matter what. Thing is, I told him from the get-go, whether you work your recovery (for yourself) or not, does not matter to me because I'm going to go ahead and work on myself, either way, it is totally up to you whether you join me or lose me.

    Yeah, I'm so glad they work different shifts. Thankfully he was honest about it, he called me when he went to lunch, but for me, even though I appreciate the honesty, but all things considered that 'notice' was already too late - it should have been earlier, so I could have let him know that I wouldn't like it. This woman is married with two kids, she is friendly/flirty by nature though, with everyone. I don't blame her anyway, for any of this, it was his choice to objectify her and make me feel 'less than' when she was around, that's all on him, not her.

    I agree, fuck them all, that boys will be boys mentality is what sucks-in decent guys and changes them too, "herd mentality". Wade has been standing up to them and he says he doesn't care if they make fun of him for it, I'm proud of him for that.

    He did therapy earlier, he was in Coby's coaching group (BAE) and stopped this month because that was a huge letdown and waste of money. Coby dropped the ball a lot and I feel so bad for the guys just starting recovery that are in his group and have no one else. He doesn't check in on them, if Wade didn't do it, they would have gotten completely unnoticed or ignored, even after relapses. Wade, gathered the courage to bring it up at one of the live group's, that Coby should be mentoring and stepping in more because that's what everyone is paying for, so he began checking in once in a blue moon. So, one of the guys relapsed, Coby responded almost a full week later and goes "It's okay, just be like Taylor Swift and shake it off!"... I was like WTF, what kind of response or "mentoring" is that?!

    Oh yeah, his entire lifestyle has changed, self-care (routines) is major for him, outlooks on everything have changed, we do so much together, even stuff that used to fall squarely on me. He's genuine, put forth the effort and is remorseful/empathizes. There are days where I'm in a funk and instead of letting me wallow/be lazy, he pushes me to work on my routines - instead of taking advantage or manipulating me/the situation. On this front, there is huge progress and major changes, there are times when I talk to him about our past, I feel like I'm talking to a new man about an ex - it's weird.

    Yes and that has been one of the biggest, most notable differences between then and now. When he fucks up (mistake/setback - major or minor) he actually feels it, sits in it and even tries to empathize with my side of it, even if it is a day late. His apology is sincere and not the "sorry, here's a flower, let's move on already" kind of crap he used to do.

    We are able to sit and talk about the issue, go through it and rationalize it and come up with solutions, together.

    It is a trip, the kind of emotional roller coaster I prefer not to ride on, but here we are, ugh.

    It is hard to keep up with the kiddos, but no matter what people tell you, it does not get easier when they get older! ugh lol #sorry
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    Actually being his AP does not trigger me, I am able to hold his space when he is in shame and help him process and figure out where it stems from.

    My PTSD is from witnessing him ogle other women for over 12 years, so when I see a certain "type" of woman, that triggers me and my PTSD comes up (doubting if I'm enough, who he desires, comparing myself to them, etc).

    I'm not sure what you mean by relapse dates? if you mean the dates under "Recovery Setback Dates | Inconsistencies or Lies" on my posts, those aren't for relapses (PM), he has not relapsed since starting recovery (yet). Those are dates for when he was inconsistent, acted in a selfish/inconsiderate way to the point where he triggered me, we had discord, or did not tell me about something (whether he realized it was important enough to tell or not).

    I think because Wade has remained honest with me, no matter how painful the truth was or knowing I would not find out on my own - I think our system is working, for us.
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    I have a couple, so here are the links in order of them being written (different phases of recovery)
    1. "Is there a right way for being strong? Feel like I'm doing things all wrong"
    2. "I still need something to believe in"
    3. "As long as you're here with me, I know we'll be okay"

    Holy shit. Really? My god, I was always curious about BAE... I would like to talk more about them, PM me?

    Holy fuck, no. Did he really say that? I am sorry is this guy healed or checked out still? Like if you are running a coaching group you better be there for your clients, that is just so unprofessional I am so sorry that you guys had that experience.
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    Let me see if i understood. Your trigger is from watching women that are your husbands pmo type?

    So, let’s pretend the type that he oodles is the kardashian—big butt kinda thing... so when you see chick with that attribute you are triggered to shut down, and disconnect?

    If so, then do you get triggered without him or with him?

    For the relapse dates—- i thought you were recording when he relapsed. Ok so it’s not a pmo relapse it’s a relational breakdown somehow, communication, trust, connection, etc. Are the dates only when he has let you down ? Do you or he record when you cause the breakdown? I guess off hand it looks one sided. Not sure if that’s what it is?

    I’m seeing the blowback of recovery , it’s something that we don’t imagine. I think the recovery fantasy is as a PA, “ I will kick this thing and everything will be ok, we can go back to hugging kissing and having real sex again!”

    But wait,—- now that you have kicked the habit, your SO has new triggers that were developed in helping you so you now need to help her .

    I never thought about that.
    Is this accurate to your experience ?
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    SO's will have different answers but for me, it doesn't matter whether he is with me or not, especially when we were first in recovery. If I saw a girl with tattooes and dyed hair I would get instantly triggered and severe urges to get as far away from his as possible. These days it's less intense, but I always have the "well if he were here he would be X about her" even if he wouldn't as I know he is better but I have lots of cynical thoughts now and am always vigilant to my surroundings and what women are around but that's just me
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    Sure, will PM you ;-)

    Yes, he really said that when Wade showed me that response - I was FLOORED. How is a SO, whose husband is in his group supposed to feel safe when the mentor you are paying, ignores the PA who has relapsed? for a whole week - giving him room to keep relapsing, offering no support, no advice or words of encouragement... relying solely on other addicts, most of whom don't have much recovery time under their belts. I've told Wade that something is definitely up with Coby, even in the most recent podcasts, his input is overplayed like he is overcompensating for something or 'covering'.
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    Wow. I understand. So SO trauma can manifest independently as a new condition.

    The PA are no longer the direct cause at that point but I can assume they may feel guilty given that reality.
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    I can get triggered with or without him. The trigger is more intense when he is around because I instantly begin wondering - "will he slip?" "will he ogle?" "is he looking at her and wishing that I looked like that?" etc., when I'm alone, I don't have to worry he'll also see her, so it gives me some peace of mind - but it does not stop the thoughts of "if he was here, I'd be nervous about him possibly slipping" or "I remember how he would ogle women like her, all the time, in front of me" which reminds me of what I believe to be his type etc.

    It's relational, not PM relapses. Those are dates he has let me down, the onus is on him to do the work and remain consistent in recovery. I have been doing my part for years, holding this relationship together with a thin thread for over a decade, on my own. I am also working on myself and so far, I have remained consistent and kept up my end, fighting my own instincts to bottle up and shut down, instead I have continued to be open and honest, about everything.

    There is no "kick this thing and everything will be ok", not after you have emotionally abused, cheated on your partner, broken safety and trust in the relationship. Betrayal trauma is serious and severe the longer you have endured that kind of abuse, that kind of break in intimate trust, etc. It takes a lot of work to get through it and just because the addict is "clean" the damage he has inflicted over time, does not just vanish.

    These are the natural consequences that the addict has to now bare - should they decide to keep the relationship, because of all of the years he allowed his selfish needs (the addiction) to come before anyone else and destroy both himself and his partner.
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    I appreciate your feedback and honesty. For me it’s really insightful. I do not wish to ruffle your ire , I sense some anger behind part of the response so just to keep me learning and not defending — I respectfully want to disengage before becoming a distraction. Thank you very much for your insight.
  15. Jagliana

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    No anger here, just honesty, but it's not a problem.
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    309185C6-8D02-4A7C-9750-8568D2FD6168.jpeg I couldn’t recall if you’ve already posted this one before but just in case... I think it pretty well encapsulates the feelings of us SOs (current or ex-) but even more so, anyone who is capable of and chooses to offer such love and dedication but rarely receives/feels the same in return
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    When you sign up and pay for his mentorship, is there any agreement laid out for Coby to offer support whenever there's an issue that arises? What I mean is, is he only obligated to offer support at the weekly meeting, even though it would clearly be much better for him to be more available for times of crisis? It's disturbing to me that he takes money from people who truly need someone they can count on for recovery support, and then he's either mostly unavailable, or when he is available, his 'coaching' is completely unhelpful.
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    DAY 461:

    Dailies | Self-Care Completed:
    Self-care is not an indulgence. Self-care is a discipline.
    Morning routine / Verbalized my feelings /
    Journal / Daily talk with hubby / Regulated my sleep.

    3 Things I am Grateful for Today:
    1) Self-care.
    2) Recovery.
    3) Walk and Talk.


    Last night, he gave me a soothing back rub, trying to take out the kinks from the car ride that morning. Then we spent some time discussing the topics of conversation as of late in my journal - my opinions, the opinions of others and his opinions. Afterward, we watched "Daddy's Home 2" which was hilarious and refreshing to just let our minds decompress a bit and then we went to bed.

    Today on the 7 Good Minutes podcast I listened to “The Importance of Having A Positive Attitude”, in this episode, Leo from Actualized.org gives us some great insight on having a positive attitude. His three words of advice to consider are 1) The present moment is inevitable, 2) Worry is useless and 3) Cheerfulness is the best strategy. Remember, a positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.

    This morning, we walked, talked and listened to "Relationship Theory: Supporting Your Partner and Trust" which was another great episode! they discuss how to properly support your partner through depression and dark times, coming back from infidelity, and building trust in relationships. During the Q & A about 'coming back from infidelity,' Tom and Lisa go into a whole thing about trust and being someone's #1 and I've been talking about this to Wade for months now. They brought up a lot of valid points and opened up a good conversation for Wade and me to have, timely and very relatable to our current situation. For me, just hearing him say that right now I am his priority is not enough, words must be backed up with consistent actions that show me that he is, in fact, taking me into account, when he does anything, especially something that could affect me/us.

    This evening we had a birthday party to attend for one of our little one's friends. Before we left, he told me that he was watching one of his Anime's, usually only about martial arts/fighting but one of the main characters got a girlfriend and they decided to get intimate, Wade recognized that this could become a trigger and skipped through the scene. Then he came and told me about it, which was the right thing to do. I asked him if this is typical for this show and he said no, I hope he is being honest about that, otherwise it could become a problem for him if those kinds of scenes become more frequent. Once we got to the party, there were a lot of kids and moms, I didn't have any triggers (thankfully!!) but I did notice Wade slipping (eyes on someone else's ass) quite a few times, so I'm not sure if he had any triggers/urges. Anyway, the little one had a blast with her buddies, I am happy about that.

    What I liked about myself, today:
    (I am trying to find one positive thing to "like" about myself and make a mental note of it, every day. No matter how small or insignificant)
    :emoji_two_hearts: Loved how my shirt looked and fit today.:emoji_ok_hand:

    The 3 Pillars To Cultivating Positivity

    Relationship Theory: Supporting Your Partner and Trust

    Recovery Setback Dates | Inconsistencies or Lies
    5/25/18 | 6/08/18 | 8/18/18 | 9/19/18 | 1/09/19
    1/19/19 | 1/21/19 | 1/24/19 | 1/27/19 | 2/08/19
    4/27/19 |

  19. Jagliana

    Jagliana Fapstronaut

    He said he would be there for support and guidance, but he expects all the guys to be responsible and accountable with each other too. However, when in crisis, their mentor is MIA - even when tagged, which I find unacceptable, especially when they are paying for HIS mentoring, in paticular.
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  20. Queen_Of_Hearts_13

    Queen_Of_Hearts_13 Fapstronaut

    Real companies have contracts and expectations laid out where clients sign the contract and understand what the program or sessions would be and the role of the coach... so if they don't have that then they aren't opporating on a business level....
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