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    Hi everyone!

    This awesome place is going to be my journal. You can reach my first post here.

    My problem isn't about P right now. I'd masturbated without P for 2 months. In this 2 months, I guess I masturbated once a week. This is my sixth day without masturbation. In my opinion, doing masturbation without watching P will certainly lead me to watch P after a while. Human nature is greedy and I should determine limits for myself. These are what I've been doing since the day one:
    I don't listen pop music anymore. Music comes from nature and those rich producers know this very well. They are directly targeting our brains, hormones etc. Yesterday I was outside with my friends. While I was driving they turned on the radio, and they changed to a pop channel. I didn't stop them. After a break if you listen pop music again, it's so easy to examine the effects on your mind. It's like sugar; it's related with the nature in the origin but it's refined and bad news is your brain wants it more and more. Whatever, I don't listen pop. Two days ago I listened a piano playlist on YouTube, it was fine and it relaxed me.
    I don't sleep more than 7 hours. Sleep is hard to fight sometimes but it worths. I wake up before sunrise. It's like the amount of the time I live in a day expands. It's magical for me and I use it. If I'm at home and feel tired, I take a nap for 30-40 minutes in the middle of the day.
    I don't watch the girls at the outside. Most of the world is effected by American culture. So it doesn't matter if you're living in America or, like me, in Turkey, you see the girls in same hot cloths. I've tried lots of reboots. The most effective thing on my mind was real girls. Control your eyes, that's what I do.
    I did a shoulder workout at home. It's good to feel the burning inside my muscles. Extra energy should leave my body somehow.
    I read in the morning and went to shopping afternoon.
    As I said in my first post I have religious beliefs. I've been doing my daily prayers and I'm not rushing while praying, I want to get the maximum relief doing them. I'm sure prayers have effect on my mind too.

    I'm feeling really good right now. I don't have a desire to masturbate or watch girls in the reality/virtuality.

    Lastly, I want to say a few words. In my opinion, my (and your) mind's current situation is the key point. If I had fed them with sexual images, videos, songs etc. then I would lose all the progress. I'm 100% sure about it. That's just what happened in the past. I had two months PMO free in the past so achieving 30, 60, 90 or more days streak without PMO doesn't change you unless you want to change yourself. I should change my habits and daily routines. This combat is not something that will end after a certain amount of time.

    It's gonna be different this time.
    We're gonna do this. :emoji_punch:
    See you next time.
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    Day 7

    Today I went to school for a class. Most of the time I use bus and subway, occasionally I drive, for transportation. In the school, on the bus or on the subway there are always people around me. I'm reading while using public transportation. It's a good habit to control my eyes.
    Sometimes in the public, an urge comes by me and whispers my ear: "Hey! Look at that hot girl man. OMG look at her body. Wow those clothes are very hot. What about her hair? It's shining man you can't miss this. And she has a face of an angel. What's wrong with you man? Just watch her and you'll be happy.". Well each time this happens I punch that urge in the face and I have to. If I don't do that, the urge'll win the fight, I'll lose contol and find myself in a very disgusting situation.
    My class was good, it's about some mathematical stuff but come on I'm an engineer, I enjoy math.
    I wrote some code for educational purposes. Coding is also another good habit for focusing my mind on something.
    So that's what I did today.
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  3. Found your journal. :D I'll be following this one.
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    Thank you!

    Day 8
    I was at home today. I woke up before the sunrise as usual. I wrote some code, read a few research papers, did 40-mins arms workout and read books for an hour. I cooked my own meal, this is another good thing that reminds me I'm living and doing something for myself/my family. I'm feeling very good right now, things went well today. I didn't watch TV and didn't listen music. I was at home but I was productive whole day. I didn't feel a desire to do disgusting things so I hope I'll keep doing like this.
    See ya tomorrow!
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    Day 9
    I was at school today for 12 hours. It was a bit tiresome but I'm happy with the work/study I did. I'm at home right now, there's no time left for doing something else. I read on the subway for 45 minutes in total. I'm going to read for another 45-mins and go to sleep. I'm feeling really good, also my non-nail-biting streak goes well, I haven't gone for a bite for 9 days. I'll sleep for 7 hours which is quite enough for me.
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  6. You seem to be doing great so far! Keep it up!
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    Day 14

    It's been two weeks already without masturbation, and I guess around 3 months without P!
    Fast summary of today: I went to school, read books for 45 mins on the subway, did my HW and did 40 mins chest workout, which was really good I'm feeling really motivated when I see the transformations of my body.

    Well this isn't going to be something like finishing a race or passing a class after a final exam. Whole this process is a journey not a destination. I shouldn't expect someone would say "Well done warrior! You did a great job with killing that dragon and climbing to this summit. Live your life the way whatever you want.", I imagened like a wise old man would say this, to me. No that's not gonna happen. It doesn't matter whether this is my 14th or 140th day without PMO. Rather, that old wise man is gonna say "Pshh. Another traveler eh? Your next summit is this way. Goodluck bro!", then I'm gonna say "Another summit? Are you kiddin' me? Wait, where is my shotgun?", no just kidding :p, rather I'm gonna say "OK old man see you in the next summit! (Shotgun reloading sound)". There isn't an end or finish line so I gotta keep up!
    It's all about my mind. If I lose the control in my mind, then I would lose the control of my body. I'm feeling good right now, I shall keep up feeding my mind with good things.
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    Day 19

    Well I hope tomorrow will be my 20th day without masturbation. I think the most crucial thing that invokes my desire to masturbate was watching girls at outside.
    I think I've done a good job on controlling my eyes in this 19 days.

    I'm a master student so I've spent most of my time on stuff related to school like homeworks, usual studies, coding etc. I'm bored with the school, which makes me feel like I'm learning again the same stuff that I've learnt in bachelor. Trying to learn and understand new concepts, that's what I'm doing and planning to do for a while in this period of my life.

    I'm listening classical and jazz piano nowadays.

    I read everyday as usual. Actually my reading habit didn't changed after my PMO-free decision. I love reading as I did before.

    I want to end this post with a quote:

    "Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay."
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  9. Hey man, just checking in. It's been a while since you last posted. Your counter is still counting days, so hopefully you've just been away without any problems.

    You're doing great for your first streak here on NoFap! Better than I did. ( I only made it 7 days :p )

    Keep that counter counting!
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    Thank you very much!
    I gotta determine a way to learn piano. I made some research and I've found out that there are lots of stuff going on in musics. Is it possible to learn piano in a self-paced way?

    Day 26

    Everything goes well right now. I need to start a workout streak because I didn't achieve a long workout streak in the past 25 days.

    I did a 40 min chest workout. It was fantastic. I want to share a quote that I've found on web about doing workouts.
    "You're only one workout away from a good mood."
    It's true and IMO will work very well for me.

    Yesterday I woke up a bit late, and I was struggling to sleep last night in my bed. I shall not do that again. I have to wake up early.
    Still I'm not watching TV or girls in the daily life, not spending my time on social media. I'm listening classical and jazz piano while working.
    Also my nail-biting free streak goes well. It supports my PMO free streak.

    I guess, I'm going to hangout with my friends in the rest of the day.

    I'm feeling really good right now, there is no guilt in my heart. I don't want to lose this great feeling and I hope I won't.

    Another great quote:
    "The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new."
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  11. A self-paced way. You mean you want to control how difficult the things you're learning are?

    Indeed, there is. It's actually the main way I learned since I noticed I don't respond to teachers or a form of authority very well. :p

    There are countless YouTube channels all with video tutorials teaching you how to do many things. Some of these channels feature their own website where you can buy more intricate tutorials. I'll reference some channels that taught me way more than any teacher ever did.


    He features videos for anything you might like to know and he explains how to do it really well in about 8 minutes or less, depending on the video. From Major scales:

    To Chord Inversions:

    To simple tricks to help you sound better as a player.

    His website is here:

    Where you can find categories on what you think is best for you. Since you're a beginner, I'd start in the Beginner category and if you find that it's too easy, you can move on from there. :D

    And then you got Piano Superhuman:

    Who teaches how to do the technique he did in the first few seconds in this video:

    His course is free, but he does feature more intricate lessons that you'll have to pay for. Man's gotta make a living. :p

    As well as other seemingly complicated techniques, but in fact, don't take years to learn, even if they seem like they do. To ensure that he's skilled enough to teach, watch the following video:

    And for now, I'll end with ImprovPianoTips:

    He makes very beginner friendly videos on piano tips and tricks as well as things every beginner pianist should know. Like scales, for example. He has a website here:

    Where he does feature packages you need to pay for, but he has a free 'Basics' package right here:

    It's the box on the right. You'll see it.

    I can give more, but I'll stop there for now. All of the information online really helps you control what you're learning and learn what you're actually interested in. It also helped me learn what kind of pianist am I. For example, I'm more on the creative side, so improvisation comes very easy to me, which means sight-reading is rather difficult for me and is something I need to cultivate.

    Now of course, I'm not completely dissing personal teachers. They have helped me with scales and gave me a start on sight-reading as well as practice strategies. But I can tell you I learned way more by doing research than I ever did with a real teacher.

    And one last thing. Don't let these guys intimidate you. They'll say things like: "It'll probably take years for you to learn" or "My best, most advanced students learned this in 3 days". Ignore all of that. The guy from ImprovPianoTips showed a technique to separate your left hand from your right hand, helping the hands become more independant and he'd play a complicated pattern in the left hand in the key of F major and he'd play Mary Had a Little Lamb in the same key in the right hand.

    He swore that it'll probably take you a couple weeks to learn and this is if you practice it very often.

    I mastered it in 2 days with a total of 2 hours of practicing it. Then I felt it was too hard and made it more difficult. It's true, I've been playing for a while, but the point is what people say is hard may be easy for you.

    Good luck. :p
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    Wow, I really appreciate your reply. There is a lot more than I expected. :emoji_clap:
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    Day 30

    Wow, it's been a month!
    Am I feeling good?
    Do I want to achieve a 300 days streak?
    Freaking yes

    How did I achieve 30 days?
    By focusing on my work, school, family, friends, and a few hobbies rather than miserable people of you know what. I'm not watching girls at the outside, I guess that's the one of the thing that has the most positive effect on me. My mind is always full with things I should do for my work and school. My hobbies which are reading, working out, learning how to play piano as a beginner, have been helping me so much. I could have wasted my time and mind with TV, pop music, social media, but no I didn't do that. Maybe it was hard at the beginning but right now, it's like I'm reborn.
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    Good job man! You are doing awesome. You're an inspiration to people like me starting out and trying to reach our goals. Keep it up.
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  15. A fantastic start to your time here on NoFap! Achieve that 300, man!
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    Day 40

    Hi everyone!
    I'm writing this in the 41st day of may PMO free streak. I can't say it's been a perfect 40 days. It's not easy to stick to a plan and accomplish every task you should do everyday but in terms of having a clear mind without PMO desire, yes I think I've done a good job. I haven't listened pop/dance music, watched TV and stared girls for 40 days. Thanks to these strict habits of mine I don't have a desire/urge to think about girls, PMO, fantasies etc. It might have been better if I had a gf/wife but I'm trying to convince myself with saying I need a bit time for that.

    As I said in my previous posts before I'm a MSc student, but you know what? I'm not satisfied with my master programme, it doesn't have a specific plan. They're teaching general concepts. Most of the classes doesn't interest me. I think it was a bit early to attend for a master degree just after I got my bachelor. Even it wasn't I should have looked for a more specific programme that would suit for my concerns. Though, there is a good thing happening in my career right now -I'm in a team that are going to create a tech company. We're like a start-up but we have a little amount of money rather than nothing. It makes me feel excited because it's a good opportunity for me to develop my skills and see what problems a new company would face and should solve. Getting MSc degree isn't a must for me right now. I'm gonna keep it up while working for our new company though as you may understood I'm gonna give most of my energy to work.

    I'm reading everyday as usual. Thank God I've had this habit since the 6th/7th grade. It's a great thing to beeing able to reach books whether you purchase from a store or borrow from libraries. If you have ever come across to the lifestyle of people in poor countries, I mean the most poorest ones, we are really lucky having a relation with books. If I'm bored then I'm reading books, not wasting my time with the things social media/TV/internet vomited to me. Also reading books in English is a really good way to improve my vocabulary and grammar skills and I'm aware that writing is another crucial way to improve my English as this journal has thaught me.

    And thanks to help from @LiquidShoes I'm trying to learn piano from the web. I want to learn how to read sheets not just memorise which keys I should press while watching ppl doing it. Though this is going to be a little long journey and I'm glad to learn musical concepts which are really novel for me.

    Let's finish this post with a quote:
    "Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success."
  17. Sorry for not responding, I've been away for a while. Congratulations on making it over 50 Days! What are your strategies that helped you abstain this long?
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    Thanks man! I'll try to answer as best as I can.

    Well first of all I want to say that stopping watching TV (and anything that may have sexual content in it), listening pop music and watching girls in the public really helped me to defend my mind. Also I don't play video games. I can suggest you to the same.

    I discovered the time that I'm most weakest is in weekends. In the weekdays I've got things to do, like going school and working for the new-born company that I've told you guys so these things are enough to take my attention away from bad things. However, I have to be more careful in the weekends because being alone with your mind may not be a good idea especially in the early days of a reboot. If I'm at home at weekends then I'm trying to find things to do, like reading, working out, learning piano, hanging out with friends, doing homework, drinking coffee etc.
    I'm reading in my leisure time. I can't describe how powerful the reading is hence don't overestimate its benefits and benefit from it.

    Occasionally, I remember the first post I've posted on NoFap and you know what? I DON'T WANT TO FEEL LIKE A EMOTIONLESS PIECE OF DUNG EVER AGAIN. Remembering the disgusting moments I'd felt after my past-relapses are enough to motivate me. I'm determined, NO, NOT EVER AGAIN. My precious life should not be spent for drowning in the same hole again and again. You should remind your mind from time to time the deepest, darkest moments you'd lived after your relapses.

    Day 54

    Today it's the 54th day of my little journey. More than 76320 minutes without PMO and it's increasing. I'm really motivated right now. We're a few days away from the new year. What did I do in 2017? and what I'm going to do in 2018? It may be a cliche but it's an important question. I'm going to create a list on my own and make plans for 2018. Time flows like a river and unfortunately (or sometimes fortunately) the river has limited amount of water in it. I should be more aware that my time is the most important thing in my life. I know I can't spend every minute doing a productive thing but I have to be careful.

    I don't eat junk food for more than 5 years. Having a healthy diet is an overlooked and yet a really important habit. I hope I'm going to have a more healthy and regular diet.

    Workout. I didn't have a regular workout basis in 2017 but I hope I'm gonna do better. I'm thinking about ways to increase my motivation.

    There is also another bad habit I'm trying to leave, nail-biting. Well it's not going perfect right now but I'm aware that healthy nails are important piece of my appearance. And I'm going to proceed trying my best.

    Have a great time with the rest of your life. Spend your time wisely!
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    Day 89

    Hi folks! I hope everyone does well.

    It feels really good to reach this point. Seeing the outcomes of my decisions makes my heart filled with happiness. Doing or not doing an act is our decision which will certainly effect our future. Today was future time for me in the past 89 days. Everything that I've done in this time created my current situation. Experiencing this whole process is priceless.

    Is this an end? Absolutely not. There are things to do, places to see, people to love as long as I'm breathing. The little company that I'm working at gives me great opportunities to develop my professional skills. I want to travel around the world and meet people. One of my plans is about living in a foreign country for at least a year. I really want to experience that. So for the next two years I hope I'm going to complete my master programme, develop myself and save money for my future plans.

    What do I want to develop myself at?

    Ok this is a really important question. I'm aware that answers to this question will shape my future.

    I want to have a good-looking and healthy body. Right now I can see my body is getting into shape but I have to workout and eat more. Having a good-looking body will increase the energy people feel while they are with me. Do I really want to have a good body? YES.
    It feels like I can do whatever I want when I had a good-looking body. I guess it is because I have a slim body. Then I should be aware of that working out is a very important thing for me.

    I want to increase my professional skills so I can work in the different parts of the world. I wish there wasn't a thing called "money" but in reality we need it. Do I want to be good at what I'm doing and be valuable? YES.

    I'm going to get rid of this nail-biting habbit. I know how to deal with it and I'm gonna win this battle.

    I've learned that if you want to achieve something, you need to find REALLY good reasons to motivate yourself. That's how I have achieved this 89 days streak.
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  20. 90 DAYS!!! DAMN, MAN!:emoji_confetti_ball::emoji_confetti_ball::emoji_confetti_ball::emoji_confetti_ball::emoji_confetti_ball::emoji_confetti_ball::emoji_confetti_ball:


    Will you write a success story?

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