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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Totkel, Feb 16, 2019.

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    Hello everyone, I am really trying to stop masturbating but whenever i go to bed thoughts are automatically comes to my mind and i try to stop myself from jerking off. But finally I give in. I stopped watching porn but i cant stop thinking about it. I didnt masturbate before four days and today i cant stop the urge. So help me to clear my thoughts and stop this habit of masturbation. I am now 25 years old, i am purchasing Mtech in Vlsi domain. I want to get placed in good companies like Qualcomm, Synopsys,etc. I already stopped smocking from 1st jan 2019. Also stop wasting time by watching tv series and movies. And i am getting intrest in my life. I started walking up early at 5am and exercise. I am going to start meditation also. I know i can stop this habbit of masturbation but its just sometimes i am not able to stop myself from doing it. So plese guys suggest something ....
    Thank you....
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    Brother, masturbation is highly addictive. Once you pop, you can't stop. So it's not your fault for where you are now.

    It's great that you have got rid of many compulsive behaviours.

    With PMO, I believe that knowledge is the key. You have to invest some time in reading rebooting articles and right books on sexuality that improve your knowledge. With knowledge comes self-realization and add vigilance on top of that, you can surely master control over M/ PMO.

    I am linking a few books below that really helped me. Download them and start giving them a read.

    Rebooting Guide ( Book that explains Masturbation and its evil effects. It's been written by Chinese rebooting legend Soaring Eagle who has stayed clean for 6+ years )

    Brahmacharya ( Indian knowledge on semen retention )

    Divine Desire behind Sexual Struggle ( the book explains the soul snare cycle and why do we find it so tough to come out of PMO )
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    Hey brother welcome to the forum. Try thought stopping as well basically talk to your mind out loud telling it to stop when it starts to manipulate you. It always starts from the thought and that thought grows fast and engulfs you. Sooner or later this might help. And congrats for you achievements.

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