Is there hope? PMO-ed roughly 2500 times since 2002

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    I am tearing up as I write this. I've been addicted to PMO since I was 13 and now I'm 29. This is my first thread on Nofap. I realized I cannot do this on my own, and this community is the first time I rely on others for help.

    I need help and guidance. I cannot control the urges of instant gratification. The longest i've been able to abstain from PMO was 30 days in 2014; the fear of the flatline made me go back. But now as I read about the flatline, about the urges, about all your stories.. I want to do this. I don't want to view women as sex objects. I want to be skilled coping with stress and not resort to PMO every time. It's so easy and available.

    Note: I'm with a beautiful girlfriend for 2 years, and we're abstaining from sex till marriage. I want to be human again, feel an SO's love.

    Thank you for reading this. I may be one of the extreme cases you've witnessed, but I have hope.
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    My goodness! I wonder what my number is with 40 years PMO. Some on the site are 50 years.

    I think you’re in a lot better shape than many. Also you have a wife to help you.

    So be encouraged.
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