Is Masturbation a normal thing ?

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  1. tiba

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    No, you miss the point. Nature doesn't intend anything. Nothing in nature does have a purpose. Anything gives an advantage or not, but wether is dependent from many variables.

    And I cannot see any disadvantage of masturbation in terms of reproduction.
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  2. Sleeperhead

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    Nature is a system and the things that operate within nature do so with purpose I.e to survive and reproduce. If you take away our eyes how are we supposed to see? If you take away our penises how are we supposed to reproduce? If you take away our ability to masturbate, what do we lose? Nothing masturbation has no function.

    How are you supposed to reproduce when you've just ejaculated? Masturbation lowers sperm count also it takes around 70 days for sperm to mature probably producing stronger offspring.
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  3. tiba

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    Absolutely right.
    There's a difference between purpose and function.
  4. EmmyB

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    Masturbation is 'normal' in 21st century Western society, in the sense that a lot of people do it. Probably more than half of all men and almost half of all women, is my guess.

    It's not normal in some other societies. Buddhists, for example, are very strongly against it, as are Muslims, Catholics and some other Christian groups. Go back in history and there was a much stronger culture of not doing it.

    IMO we should be broadminded enough not to simply do whatever others are doing but instead to question everything and ask if it's good or bad, either morally or pragmatically.

    I've read about how orgasm causes the release of dopamine into the blood stream which in turn creates addiction. My personal view is that this is destructive, and I know I've become dependent on it and it has ruined relationships and led me down destructive paths.

    In the past the idea of women having orgasms was seen as deviant. We don't need them to have sexual intercourse or get pregnant. Men only need have them when trying to conceive. So my plan is not to masturbate or have orgasms during sex again and when I'm fully clean to find a partner who's willing to have only karezza (orgasm-free sex) with me until we're ready to start a family.
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  5. The fact that the majority of people masturbate does not make it normal, it is simply common for men to fap and women to schlick. Therefore, in the religious communities you mentioned, it may be less common.
    Where did you read that! :eek: In fact, the blood stream has nothing to do with it. o_O Dopamine exerts its effects by binding to and activating cell surface receptors. See the explanation:-
  6. KevinWha

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    Too many myths about masturbation.
    Besides, some studies have suggested that when one is very frequent to masturbate or have porn, it could result to erectile dysfunction as he desensitizing himself to particular imagery and physical intimacy.
    Also, some porn effects of neurology have been examined. Meanwhile, there is no study already in existence that has proved that by watching porn, it can result in a physical occurrence of impotence.
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  7. buygenericrx

    buygenericrx Banned

    Yes that's right. Anything done beyond limit will harm a person in either ways.
  8. Omega.jin

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    I would say that like anything else masturbation done in unhealthy amounts would result in adverse effects; addiction.
  9. BestVersionToday

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    Its normal but being exposed to so much sexual images (all them women) isnt good in my opinion. It desensitises us. Its unnatural. Think back in the days a man would not see that many women that we see in one session in his whole entire life. Even back in the days of sex shops you would have to buy lots of VHS and then DVDs but now with the internet its crazy. Abstinence of porn makes women so fucking awsome man, I love women so much. But with porn they lack value. At least cut the porn out. If you can fap to your imagination I think it is okay. Most doctors and most people will say its normal and healthy. Having said that i wanna do NoFap for a good 30 days to see how I feel but I can't fucking do it. 10 days was my longest streak in many years.

    The other thing is porn can give shame because its done in secret. If its not a "hell yes!" then don't do it. If you can speak openly about it its fine, the main thing is it doesn't cause shame and iv thought about it intellectually and came to the conclusion that it should not cause me shame but it does.

    You just gotta do NoFap and see if it makes you feel better.
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  10. MetaGame

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    To best understand u need to separate it a little.

    Is masturbation normal? yes its common enough however that does not make it beneficial.
    Is it natural? Yes a certain amount of it during teenage years especially is a natural occurence.
    Is porn normal? Yes but then again so is cocaine at this point.
    Porn natural? Ofc not, it is quick easy pleasure and just about everything in reality that is quick easy pleasure isnt good for us 99% of the time unless it is highly constrained. Porn is lol not constrained at all and ur lil monkey brain assumes its not a big deal and u rationalize cuz it feels good but really its messing with ur mind.

    So btw the truth is Nofap is not anti-masturbation exactly. If u want ur semen retention benefits though which is a major life hack through out history then u dont masturbate. But another issue is masturbation is super linked to porn and if u practice masturbation the inevitable result is u will get some porn to make it more fun. Unless ur watching an educational video then porn wont do anything that suck ur time, attention, neuro chemicals, money and probably ur future erectile function lol.

    I'd also say 'dont cast pearls before swine' that means u dont have to talk to ur friends about nofap. They like touching their dick and watching porn. Its pleasure x 2 for them and their brains will rationalize that no matter what the facts are. You just keep the path lol. I remember once I was at a table with some of the most successful people I know period. I mentioned it vaguely and I was like oh maybe I shouldnt have said that. And the person next to me who is super successful and the leader said oh she is celibate temporarily. And its like oh wow. She is tall , pretty, amazing, has money, somewhat famous actually and the decision to not masturbate is having a really positive effect on her life. And thats for a woman, like one could argue she isnt even tapping into semen retention benefits lol.

    so ya just do ur nofap, get it done, u dont have to not masturbate ever in life or make it seem like a bad thing in ur friends. Nofap isnt about stopping masturbation. Its more about stopping excessive masturbation, giving u the benefits of that such as healing ur sexual problems, making u more attractive, more productive etc... and eliminating porn out of ur life.

    We are in the abstinence/retention section here tho. Many here would bend towards the side of just dont do it cuz ur better off not. Life may not be that rigid all the time but u dont have to take the risk if ur smart.
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  11. Rebooter45674

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    Its not weird if yoy want to do something.....donot get into peer pressure.
    Regarding masturbation.....just ask yourself what kind of emotions it brings?
    Positive or Negative?
    For some people it brings guilt, for others relief. All is according to tje society you live in.
    For me it sometimes brings guilt (as I live in a sexually repressed society) ....sometimes relief or comes as a stress buster.
    When I expected it as anormal activity it usually brings relief but It is harmful to use it as a stress buster as it leads to addiction.
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  12. wakingthelionsinme

    wakingthelionsinme Fapstronaut

    People keep saying it's perfectly healthy, but too much of any good thing is bad
  13. Vandermeer

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    Don´t underestimate the power of believe. If people seriously believe, something will make them sick over a long time, there is a very good chance that it really happens and they develop symptoms. It´s like the believe in NoFap, it can work in both directions:
    "I will get Superpowers!!!" or "suicidal thoughts and total loser, because I´m unable reaching even 10 days!" My advice: Stop trying always hard mode right from the start again, if you notice that you permanently fail in it! How about trying to stop porn first and getting the harder quests after you have mastered the easier ones? If you play a new game always on hard mode instead normal or easy, while being just a casual gamer, then don´t blame the game and cry around, if you never reach level 2. It´s difficult enough to avoid any porn at all for any addict in the beginning and how much more difficult is it, to avoid any porn while same time being horny as fuck, because of a complete orgasm ban?

    I think, it´s better the medical authorities claim masturbation is physically harmless and normal, because much more harm comes from the psychological effect to condemn masturbation in general and the failed trials to repress it. Permanently repressed sexual power going on with a strong guilt/sin feeling feeds neurotic behaviour. It will find a way sooner or later to express itself, but not the natural way, it´s meant to go by nature.
    It´s like the believe the physical body would be "born out of sin". What you believe, the mind will try to prove and confirm, so those sin believers start to detect sin in every corner of the world, it´s just everywhere! Everyone has evil secret intentions, or tries to take advantage of his neighbour, while they ignore the good and innocent behaviour and aura of babies. There is nothing sinful in any new born and only a twisted and sick mind could detect and claim it as a evil born sinner, who has to "be cleansed of sin".
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  14. NATURAL - can we define "human nature"? Not so easy. Comparing humans to animals can also generate several dilemmas... Animals don't have culture, and some might say (Freud) that culture is a direct result of sexual economy (including masturbation and sexual perversion).

    NORMAL - is "normality" good? Most of our cultural traces (including Pornography) are normalised by culture, but proved to be bad for self-development and your health. Still, they are there to be explored, if not stimulated.

    I would say masturbation is neither natural (for humans) nor Normal (for individuals). We were programmed to accept "natural" and "normal" as "being part of the culture" - but: was I design to act like this? Am I created to behave like an animal? Is this part of my "nature" or the lowest demonstration of my struggling humanity?

    Questions... questions... questions...
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  15. e-as

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    It is normal when u triggered, avoid stay long alone, if no choice, do something to make such as running and pumping up or sit up and say STOP and choose to be productive
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  16. FancyCoolDude

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    Im skeptical whether its natural or not, because it could be an effect of evolution for humans / animals and not necessarily something that was inside us from the beginning.

    I think its normal, but I like to think its the same case as with exercising, its not required and healthy in normal dose but overdosing it will screw you up.

    Masturbation is known since early ages, and has been forbidden until now. It thought to be an act of great evil. In fact, celibacy was praised and preffered. Newton or Tesla were celibate and managed to achieve great things. Sure, semen retention was not the major part of their success but it surely affected that significantly.

    Now in modern times in which people are waaayy less connected with God or spirituality and with big cultural shifts masturbation is seen as okay. Only religions are against it. But people lifes no longer center around God (unlike before) and due to free speech and people being more open minded and accepting people start to be more considerate.

    Is masturbation bad? No. But due to internet porn you can't really masturbate healthily again. It will lead you back into addiction in no time.

    Its up to you. Masturbation doesnt really give anything in return. Its not something you need. You can fap and be totally fine or not masturbate and also be totally fine.
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  17. Thomas Macey

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    It really depends. For instance, it’s considered that masturbation can be beneficial in cases of some sexual dysfunction and that it reduces the risk of malignant tumors in the prostate gland etc.

    Or it can be used to deal with negative emotions but there is a risk to fall into an addiction here. So you can find options to cope with depression and stress through exercises, meditation, talking to friends, creating something and so on.

    I think, if masturbating too often, a person loses a vitality (sexual as well), as this process takes away both physical and mental forces.
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  18. xXkiller42

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    What would you say about a guy who hadnt watched pornography in 2 years
  19. Advocate109

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    Listen, a lot of people on here are very anti masturbation to a wild point. Masturbation is only an issue when it becomes an issue. When it becomes a compulsion or an "addiction" essentially. As long as youre not masturbating multiple times a day youre fine. Personally, im here because i have OCD and one of my compulsions is to masturbate to porn.
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  20. wakingthelionsinme

    wakingthelionsinme Fapstronaut

    I agree. It's supposed to be completely natural, but the euphoric feeling it gives us leads to a downward spiral. Makes me wish I never discovered porn at 17. I miss my innocent life
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