Is he flirting with me?

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  1. First of all I am a girl. a guy I work with often I was not sure he was straight or not(sometimes he didn't look straight :emoji_joy:). once I touched him playfully and he told me to not touch him. the other day he smiled to me in a way that he doesn't with the other female colleagues. it feels different the way he interacts with me. it feels like flirting now, especially the way he smiled at me the other day, we have complicity

    another day he asked me to do something for him in front of other guys and to do it with "love".sort of hinted he knows i am attracted to him and i like working with him most of the time (we joke too)

    i think he doesn't want to show and it gives me impression that when i am not looking he looks at me but doesn't make a move. i think he is single. same day hebefore leaving work, he was there waiting until i was free for a second and said goodbye. the other times he just left work without stopping by. is he flirting with me?
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  2. He's in his early 30s and doesn't look shy at all. I was thinking that maybe given we work together he wants to avoid dating me. I get it. it might get complicated. Do you think he likes me? Now he lets me touch him playfully and doesn't ask me to not touch him anymore
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    Sounds like it to me. Question is how you playing it moving forward?
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    Has he touched you in any way?
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    I know the type. They are called "Hipsters" :emoji_joy:
  6. I thought about it and I'm not moving forward on this. I mean he doesn't even speak properly the other language. He speaks only his native language. Sometimes he doesn't understand what I'm saying. It wouldn't go anywhere, pointless
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    Maybe he thinks your just a friendly touchy women I have known a few some were interested in me some were not it was just there personality, I see on the other post that he speaks a different language and doesn't understand English that well hmm its up to you if you want to move forward I am not a matchmaker
  8. I’ve always gone by “you don’t shit where you eat” when it comes to dating coworkers, too messy.
  9. I still wonder sometimes if he is gay. But even if he told me once to not touch him and I keep touching him playfully sometimes, he doesn't avoid my touch
  10. i realized everyone at my work knows i have a "crush" on him. the other guys the other day tried to get my attention in various ways though. lol that was funny to see. one even told me while trying to get my attention "oh yeah but he is gay". i could see he said that to see my reaction and make me interested in him instead. the guy i sort of like was there and didn't say anything about it. i never liked a gay guy. i never made a mistake with my "GPS"

    also the guy i sort of like, later said "kiss" when he helped me with something (joking on the fact he also knows i kinda like him). and when he left for work, i saw him opening the door, i was behind and it felt he didn't want to walk together with me. i am confused. i still got doubts he is gay. why did he joke about the "kiss" stuff? am i just an ego boost? he keeps letting me touch his chest playfully. he does't remove his body when i touch him. does he like that?
  11. the other guys i work with knows that i like this guy. the guy that i like knows it too. i guess it is very obvious. i will ask him if he is gay next time i see him at work. gotta know! :emoji_joy: this doubt is killing me:emoji_face_palm: i like the chase. i could have the other guys at work, not to brag but it is the truth, but the challenge is fun for me with this guy and i am kinda happy when i work with him honestly. let's see
  12. s. is not on my mind. but yeah i would lie if i said i didn't think about kissing him. i don't wanna have s with someone that could talk about me to our colleagues. sometimes i still wish i was still virgin. i need to emotionally connect (not connect via s. mainly) and feel safe and loved in order to have happy s. otherwise that gives me incredible depression. I need all of these 3 things. we were on a lift but i didn't try to touch him. i don't wanna get rejected. he accepts the usual small touches on his chest and arms done by me. i dunno what to think. should make a list of when he looks straight and when he looks gay lol
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    It's very hurt the heart of a man to tell them he's gay and he's not.
    It's worst than telling them, they're coward, doushbag or other (i know because the people around me put me often the 'gay' tag) even virgin seem better. x)
    So be careful of the word you use.
    If he's the same kind of men at me, it's need more time for him to know what to feel about you.
    Invite him or wait that he invite you to drink or eat somewhere, that will be easier to know what you feel for him and what he feel for you.
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    that's a great pickup line to get into his pants lol
  15. when i started my shift i walked past him and he looked at me, but didn't say anything. he had a serious face and it seems a longer look than a normal person would give to another one. he did this several times. I eventually asked him if he is gay or not yesterday while serving some customers. i wanted to know. so there were 2 gay customers. he asked me why i thought he was gay(i mean, i thought he knew i "liked" him already, he made jokes about me giving him a kiss etc. also another male colleague maybe jealous of the attention told me this guy was gay). also he said he is straight. i added how gay he is on a scale from 0 to 10, he replied zero

    the customers said that i wanted to know if he was gay in order to get with him. i didn't say anything, i got very embarassed and red cheeks. when we were alone, i told him i thought sometimes he looked gay, sometimes straight also for the violet jacket he has and we work in a gay area. he sort of got offended. before i asked him if he was gay, he touched me back for the real first time and asked for a high five and i teased him playfully and touched his chest in the meantime. i had a lot of exes that didn't touch me back after some positive signals from me but wanted and eventually we kissed after i made my intentions more obvious. also he was taking his shirt off for work in the hallway for the staff (other guys do the same) and i walked in that moment

    being straight, why did he tell me once to not touch him? btw after i asked him the question, he disappeared and then i saw him working with other 2 female colleagues. when he finished work he had the violet jacket and he was close to where i worked but didn't say goodbye, maybe was expecting to see someone else. and while he was still working he locked me and one of my male employers in a room. why did he lock me in a room with another guy? he doesn't like me?
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  16. yesterday at work he totally ignored him. He avoided working with me. We just said few words only coz we had to due to some customers. I ignored him as well. I heard him saying to a female colleague that he felt molested. Wow. In the past I joked about "raping" guys and I dated those guys. They wanted that, hoped for that. I feel I lost my swag but p is out of my life so much better like this

    So basically he even avoided touching me even by accident while walking or in the place we work specifically. that felt great for my ego. maybe he even asked to have his hours changed so he has to see me the minimum. dunno why though he just looked at me sometimes without saying a word. it looked like he wanted attention from me. but if he didn't like my touches before he would be far from me. he must have liked it. he was smiling, he liked that. every guy at my work would like that from me

    btw i don't care about this guy. i didn't take it amazingly yesterday, was a little "sad" about his reaction but it is fine. to be honest it was more a game than anything else. it never happened a guy reacted like this to me. maybe he was pissed off about the question if he is gay or not. don't care. I won't talk or even look at him by accident anymore. like he doesn't exist, a wall
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    well you teased him calling him gay and got this reaction ,why not tease him about being straight ;)
  18. hold on, you mean he reacted like this only coz he got emasculated and very offended by this question? after i told him he looked sometimes gay, sometimes straight he started avoiding me. what do you mean by "why not tease him about being straight"? tomorrow i work similar hours as his

    He also told yesterday everyone at work that I tried to get with him

    i had guys that wanted to show me the were not gay as i said but in that case i knew they were straight but just wanted more mainly behaviour from them
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    based on what you wrote he must find the teasing amusing to put up with it , and the fact that he is telling people at work your trying to get with him means he knows your intentions of wanting to date.
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  20. Yeah I think you are right. BTW the other day we were the only ones at work in that specific space and he helped with some stuff and we talked. He sort of smiled at me. But still made a sound with his voice when we touched each other in front of a colleague (work space is little). Few minutes by accident we touched hands for a brief second. It wasn't intentional. I had a huge smile on my face, hard to hide. I tried to play it cool. Even my boss asked why i was so happy. I had to make up a random lie. I didnt want him to know my business. I dunno but i was happy to see him, couldnt help it. Before ending our shifts i asked him help with something and i was anxious like talking with him. Woth all this hookup culture so encouraged, even if my colleagues joked about it with me i am not ashamed of having have "liked" him. Its tender. Made me feel my emotional bonding side. It was beautiful :)

    Basically he definitely does not like me. But I want to deal with him in a mature, grownup way. I'm 26. Yesterday they told me he's gonna quit the job this week. I prepared a few sentences in his language so he understands that. Basically "I won't touch you anymore. I thought you liked being touched by me. Anyway, can we be friendly until we work at this place?"

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