is having ap a waist of time?

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Rio, Aug 11, 2017.

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    i have another account but wish to remain truly anonymous with this post so i'm using this account.

    my reasons for remaining annonymous is because i use to have ap but he stopped messaging me and i don't want to offened him by this post.

    so a few months ago my ap stopped messaging me. i've messaged him a few weeks ago asking him if he's ok but no response. so maybe i need to find a new ap. but part of me thinks asking for one is a waist of time. this ap didn't work out so who's to say having another ap won't work out also. is it waist of time? what good does ap bring?
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    That's a good question. I've been in this "game" for quite a while now and have had some aps in the past and some current ones.
    Well, they sometimes can come as blessing in disguise and help you out when you need it most but in general they sometimes disappear and you feel betrayed.
    All in all, the only one you can really count is yourself and you are the only one who can help yourself, nobody else...not your brother, your wife, your family or your friends. Nobody.
    It's you against PMO!
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    I found it helps to have a group rather than to depend on one person.... so many guys ghost after their first few days of a NoFap effort
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  4. I will say what i think (because that's what i have experienced):
    You are alone in the war. You are warrior. You don't actually need help to win this war. You have potential to win alone.
    This AP thing will just create more connection in your brain "FOR TALKING with someone" after few months of talking with AP. So, when you will loose AP, you will feel a need to talk to other (we are what we repeatedly do) or might make you lonely and hence, a chance for relapse.
    So, It's best to fight alone.
    Take help when needed, which you can take from your loved ones too. Just see how much they care and desire from you. You will be motivated.
    Because you just need motivation to fight with more power. So AP is not needed. Also, it will be connecting you to web too.
    But, if you really have no one with whom you can share things in your bad times and vent your worries. You should try an AP. It will help for sure.

    Why your AP might left you?

    * There are people here with many things in their head to get to connect to someone for talk.(including me as i had been into chat a lot in past[currently working on this]). They will be your AP first, If they didn't find you interesting (which M to M i think will not because F can cause more dopamine and other happy neurotransmitters to release in your brain). They will leave you.
    * Also if they saw that you are progressing but they won't. They will leave you.
    * Also, if they relapse or reset, people generally due to depression which is ensued by P and M cause people to leave all connection socially. As you might have read in book "your brain on porn" or on forum.

    A piece of advice:
    I will advise you to make AP who is better than you. So you can learn and motivated by seeing his status and even number of days. As Pro people (PMO 90+ days) know actually how to win.

    Btw..It waste not waist fellow human.

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