Is 90 days worth it?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Deleted Account, Sep 6, 2018.

Do you feel MO is natural?

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  1. I have sexual drive for sure. I feel myself thinking that it is natural to use PMO or even just MO. I am going through a stressful period right now so I feel that that may be the reason why. Should I save my drive for a sexual partner? If so should I make a relationship?

    I also feel that this energy is what is enhancing my motivation and memory and even girls started noticing me (or I them). I am just so tired of this struggle. Why is this not a mainstream issue?
  2. sherif1987

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    It probably will be...the effects of this addiction are going to probably be widely acknowledged at some point...
  3. SensualLettuce

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    It's natural to feel this way, but anytime such feelings show up, don't fall into the trap. Before, during and after 90 days my libido returned and I started obsessing over the idea of having a sexual partner, fantasies started to set in and I gave into it soon enough after days of peeking. Even after that relapse, that sexual drive still remained and so I relapsed on and on. It died down but I realised this after the relapses. Keep on and be disciplined, things are going to work out but they need to run their course.
  4. Mattew

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    Is it worth it?

    My idea is that it depends on how long and deep your pmo addiction is. If the addiction is hard, 90 days probably won't be enough.

    Honestly, this 90 days thing is quite stupid, makes some people believe that you abstain for 90 days and hat's it, like if your body and mind are just computers.
    It's not that way, not everybody is the same, someone get "cured" after 50 days, someone still have bad withdrawal symptoms after 6 months.

    I personally believe, in this moment, that it should be a 6 months or 1 year challenge instead of a 90 days challenge.
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  5. Bman101

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    I agree with Mattew. Maybe 90 days won't be enough, maybe 70 will be or whatever. The thing is that I believe the 90 day period gives us the false impression that we only have to keep the discipline for 90 days. Some people deem 90 days as being a lifetime or an impossible treshold, but it isn't. I am feeling great, my testosterone has defenitely received a boost since I am packing muscles at an easier rate and getting stronger.( I am pointing here one of the pluses I am seeing).

    You should wait I guess until you feel that you are ready to get a partner and not due to sexual urges.

    I haven't MO'ed yet and I am afraid to do it, I feel like I will feel like shit afterwards so idk, I guess everybody is free to do what they desire.
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  6. talontron

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    you are trying to rationalize to jack off. Porn and masterbation are connected and one comes with the other. It is very hard to separate the two. IMO you have to get rid of both to be effectively healed or you will get sucked in like a black hole and restart everything

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