Interesting Article: "A High View of Marriage Includes Divorce"

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  1. [This article is 100% religious / Christian-based views, debate about divorce. If you aren't religious .. or are anti-religion ... please don't take offense to this.]


    In my 1-hour deep discussion with my wife this morning--she brought up this article. I have read it 3 times now...and it is good.

    It has many bullet points -- but growing up in the church, I think the fundamental question this article is addressing is the following: the Bible definitely gives reasons/circumstances where divorce is acceptable. But even in those scenarios, if the offending spouse is repentant .. is it "God's best" for the betrayed spouse to forgive and not exercise their Biblical "right" to divorce?


    I also very much appreciated this article's wrestling with if the union of marriage is more important than the individuals in the marriage.


    Interesting Read:
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    This is an interesting article. It specifically mentions that divorce protects a women from abuse when her husband is unrepentant, to which I wholeheartedly agree. But what about when he is fully repentant? Not only that, but is continually working to right his wrongs, repair the damage, and become the man, husband, and father he should have been in the first place? It doesn't address that, presumably because there is no Biblical basis for divorce anymore in that scenario (since he has repented and is now seeking the Lord and reconciliation).
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    Thanks for sharing this. I have to wonder how one reconciles in their mind biblical grounds for divorce, but then turns around, cultivates a new relationship, and in doing so engages in fornication. People utilize scripture to justify their actions, and then turn around and engage in activities that go against scripture. Either you accept and embrace all of it or none of it. You don't get to cherry pick those passages that support your agenda and ignore those that don't.

    I texted this article along to my friend and author, Joel Davisson. He had this to say about it: "On the article, they are getting warm. The only thing I would take issue with is that when a spouse does repent then we do believe that the offended spouse needs to give the marriage opportunity to be restored. Obviously the ditch on the side of the road with our approaches that someone can say they repent and they do not really repent. That comes out later and then the person can walk away with a clean heart because they accepted what appeared to be repentance, they got conned again and they can hold their head high that they gave the proclaiming repentant spouse every chance."
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    Yesss !! This !! I can’t steal from a store , repent and keep doing it and repent and expect forgiveness from the store owner , or God . But that’s my take , I’m not really religious. I used to ask my MIL who is VERY religious ( my SO was an alter boy , all boys schooling until college then went sex crazy and porn started ) if someone is in confession and the priest is “with” little boys , does god hear the persons confession and what right does the priest have to listen ?? She could never answer me :(
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    I believe regardless of what sins a priest has committed if a priest forgives a sin for someone else then that sin is forgiven in God's eyes. A priest can't forgive their own sins.

    This is my belief, others may believe differently.
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    I believe that too , but when I first asked her is when everything blew up in the Catholic Church , a lot of the times over the years she just sounded like a hypocrite when it came to that . Forgive 7000 times she always said lol as a human being that is VERY hard to even forgive “a few” times for the same offense
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    A priest in the confessional is acting in the person of Christ (in persona Christe). Therefore, God is hearing the confession and is giving absolution, not the priest himself. Whether or not he is in a state of mortal sin is irrelevant.

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