Improving myself, a part of my story: videogames.

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Are videogames a good activity?(read the thread before answering)

  1. No, they are to avoid completely.

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  2. Yes, but only in a little amount of time (1-2 hours per day)

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  3. Yes, and you can play those in your free time (3-4 hours a day)

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  4. Yes, and sometimes you can play those on free days (5 to 10 hours a day)

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  5. No, in general they are not, but that depends on time you spend on those and the type of videogame.

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  1. Hello my fellow fapstronauts, today I am here to ask a question that has been going on into my mind lately. Since I am doing a reboot, I am trying to understand what is good for me, and what may be good for me but not for others. Since I saw a lot of people in here talking about this issue, I would like to hear from others what they think.

    I've been playing videogames for years now, I have played all kind of videogames, sometime for few hours sometime for long hours.
    I think that videogames help me in relaxing, having fun, entertain myself and doing it by not hurting me or others. Some videogames that I did play in the past were beautiful, some told good stories, others gave me strong feelings about what I was watching, others were useful to meet new friends. On the other side a lot of them were pointless, not asking you to use your brain or other skills(reflex, logic, etc.).
    I really love gaming, sometimes people can make games that I would call masterpieces(Ultima online, Baldur's gate, The Banner Saga etc.) , other times I would only see failures and brainless games (there are too many really, not to talk about cellphone games, I really hate those).

    So my final question is: are videogames(basically those who develop something or give you something, like a good book or a good movie), IN A RIGHT AMOUNT OF TIME, a good activity to do?

    Thank you for reading and answering, feel free to add your comment or a personal answer not included in the poll, stay strong friends.
  2. kevinkevin19

    kevinkevin19 Fapstronaut

    Non-gamers always think that video games are completely pointless and a waste of time. I disagree with them since playing video games has benefits like improving our problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. It also sometimes teaches you life lessons(mostly found in RPGs or games with good stories). Not to mention it's fun! Although like all things, too much of it is bad. I once played GTA: San Andreas for eight hours straight, my eyes started to hurt and I think my vision went down a little ever since that day. So moderation is key, avoid playing too much even if you want to beat that boss in the next level. :p
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  3. I am happy to see that even with few votes, the majority is for playing videogames. That could be a good habit, and so I think the I will keep it in my life, as already planned.
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  4. seth

    seth Fapstronaut

    I think there are benefits but I'm concerned that the smallest window of time you put is 1-2 hours a day. I was thinking maybe 4 hours a week max. Because if you're talking about an hour a day, you can be using that to build new proficiencies that you might have always wanted to build
  5. WalkingForward

    WalkingForward Fapstronaut

    1-2 hours of gaming every day seems like a shitload to me. One hour every day is 365 hours per year. If you live to be 90 that will be 32 850 hours, or 1 368 days. Which is almost 4 years.

    So a total of 4-8 years of your life spent only on video games (not even including toilet breaks) is what you consider to be just a small amount?

    Like @seth I find it a bit odd that this was the smallest window of time we could choose in the poll.

    I personally don't really play games at all nowadays. But I think it can be fine in moderation, especially if you play games that you feel give you something. Playing games with friends is fun.
  6. Jungler

    Jungler Fapstronaut

    Gaming can be entertaining and relaxing at the same time, but let me tell you briefly that if you take things moderately it won't excessively harm you.

    In no way i want to sound like a hypocrite, i have been an avid gamer for most my life and still enjoy it. Now i'm in my twenties and i sincerely think that there are better things to do and other ways to entertain our selves, i don't want to rely on advanced technology to fill my brain with high levels of dopamine that could also alter my reboot from pmo. I know i go crazy about this, because i do care of myself. 1-2 hours a day is more than enough, and even though i go a bit over that amount of time, the best days were when i had very little contact with a PC. I swear i had more energy in my body and felt more productive through the whole day.

    And speaking of productivity, reading a book isn't that bad, neither is having an interest of yours like writing a book, picking up an instrument, improving artistic skills in general. All of this is well accepted at any amount of time. i'm saying this in case you're concerned if gaming is giving you the same impact as porn. As long as you don't make your gaming habit into a bad replacement like pornography, you're good to go.
  7. Rikarwb

    Rikarwb Fapstronaut

    Everything too much is bad. So, if you do it responsibly and have time for other stuff, yes its a very good way of spending your time :)

    But the problem is that usually some games, it might take a long time to pass that level, or something related

    For example, today, i spent like +2 hours trying to do this rally championship ( 2 stages ) and end up in 1º place, but i didn't even do it :D

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