i'm gonna suicide

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Youness, Jan 17, 2017.

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    so guys when i discover nofap for the first time . i did so well ... i stopped faping for a long while but guys after that i did fap and since that time i never stop fapping for more than 1 day. and here is another thing i am in my last year of school and i think i will fail .. my desires are fire and start being skinny and eating junk food .i start being cold and i think that is the limit of pmo addiction .i have so many things to talk about ..... but in my life i need to deal with all this alone
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    Hey buddy, you are only in the last year of school right now. You have a lot to live and experience and a long life filled with excitement and adventure ahead of you. Trust me it gets way better after school. I personally faced a lot of stuff when I was your age. I had to deal with problems alone and had no friends. It gets better, way better after school. Just hang on, it will turn around. Tough times dont last, tough people do.

    Think about the people who love you. Relapsing or failing in school is no reason to suicide. There are way bigger things in life to think about. Also it has been proven time and time again that school systems fail yo properly evaluate a person's worth. You are worth way more than a stupid test can measure.

    Hang in there! Things will get better!
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    I know what you mean. Exams and all that suck. There is so much of a rush to make people achieve. Take your time you have it all. If you met someone really nice they would cheer you up. F*** school and the system all that can wait. It is not the most important thing. Being happy is what life is about.
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    thank u guys all !!!! it's really really helpfull
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    Please don't do anything stupid. Bro.. you have to face life at FACE VALUE.. there's this Bible passage that I recently learn about and it literally says '' chase the lion" there was this one man in the Bible who I stead of walking or running away from a lion.. he tracked it down all the way to it out and killed it!

    I believe in God and I do BELIEVE this happened but the point of the story is that he FACED HIS Fear and conquered it.
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    @Youness this is a terrible place to be in and I am sorry that you are going through it. Please remember that you aren't alone. We may not know exactly what you are going through, but we are here for you. If you have a plan regarding suicide please call 911 immediately and ask for help, or get transportation to the emergency room. Tomorrow is a new day and can bring new things. Take one day at a time and be patient. If you don't have a journal, start one now. Keep track of your thoughts and feelings and analyze them. Write down some rules for your reboot along with some goals. Create a plan of action so when you are feeling triggered you can enact it right away without even thinking about what you should do. It will be right there and you can just do it.

    I believe you will be successful. I know this because you are here and you want to help yourself. Continue to educate yourself on PMO addiction. There are some links in my signature that can help with that. Keep your head up, be patient. This journey is a long one but well worth it. Think about the person you want to be. I hope this helps. Stay strong!
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