I went to a party last night…

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    I went to a party last night. We all had great fun.

    The old (fapping) me would have been inhibited, shy, stuck in a corner of one room, closed up, wondering why people were avoiding me (they weren't; I had been unconsciously avoiding them!). I would have left early, feeling depressed.

    The old me would have come home, launched the porn and "played" for two, three, maybe four hours, indulging in one or two stupid fetishes. Today, I would have been shattered — physically, emotionally, spiritually.

    The new (nofap) me last night joined in with everyone, standing away from the walls of each room, with an expansive and welcoming body posture. I took a sincere and genuine interest in each person, asking them questions and letting them talk while I learned interesting things from them and about them. I danced. I had fun, and so did the others. I helped a friend who was feeling somewhat down due to a physical injury, and made sure that she got home safely after the party.

    I was able to observe people's interactions, and to learn something valuable about human behaviour.

    The new me came home, happy for having had the experience. I realised, wow, how did I ever think that the old PMO behaviour was a good idea?! (Intellectually, I know why, but still…) Although I was tired, I was emotionally energised, and so it took a little while to fall asleep. I slept well, and woke up this morning refreshed.

    I wasn't the only person to have benefited from my nofap: the people whom I made feel welcome and important benefited; and my energy helped certain others to feel less inhibited.


    Fapping is an enormous waste of time; energy; power; and life itself.
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    I liked your text, very creative!

    Congratulations on your improvement.
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    Well done! I have noticed the same effect on my long runs! Going no PMO helps so much on social confidence!
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    Nice man, and its been only 24 days. Imagine what could happen after 240 days or more !
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    Good of you to say, thank you! I hope that my story inspires others who are struggling to motivate themselves.
    I didn't expect such extraordinary results! I expected only some minor improvement, so I'm pleased beyond measure. I should add that as part of my recovery, I recently started to work on my personality with the help of a coach, but it could only have happened with nofap.
    Well, I already completed my hard reboot, at 113 days, so add 24 (with strict conditions) and I have 137 days in total.

    I had forgotten… Thinking about the night, I noticed at the time a woman kind of "sticking" to me for ages until I left, in an obvious and touchy, but lovely, way. (I didn't follow up with her because she's in a relationship with someone else, and I do not destroy relationships. If she'd been single, I would have arranged to meet up.)
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    Nice post, and a good point on the positives for other people!
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    I find that when my behaviour negatively affects others, it's a great motivation to change. That was one of the two big reasons why I've committed to never watching porn again.
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