I removed her from my social media... Now what?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by FEEL, May 3, 2018.

  1. FEEL

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    how long does it take to get over a girl you loved after you remove her from your phone and social media? I respect her and everything but I just want to get rid of those emotions. We're on 30-days NC. (no contact)
    Thanks in advance
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  2. SheMonk

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    Depends on you as a person and how long it takes you to process emotions. No one can tell you. You just have to ride out the storm with patience. Don't suppress the feelings, but rather just let them flow and expire on their own.
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  3. Hitto

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    It takes time brother I liked this one chick on ig I was addicted to her just from the validation she gave me and hoped to meet her but that never happened and she was in a relationship and still taking to me and that was kind of selfish of her but I put up with it because I didn't have any self worth and I was still fapping have long story less long I stopped talking to her permanently and then I looked deep in myself to see why I craved so much attention from a stranger after that I went on my
    NoFap journey and I realized I always feel for emotionally unavailable wome n in my life because I thought I wasn't ever good enough and I should take what I can get which is a terrible mindset. You gotta stop worrying about others and worry about beating this addiction and get some self reflection and become the person you were truly meant to be. I still think about her joe and then but I have no desire to reach out because I'm not gonna put myself through that emotionally turmoil it's not worth it. People won't respect you if you don't respect yourself look deep within all that you need is there just find ways to cope with stress in healthy ways for example I like to workout and cook read go mountain biking these things give me fufilment a you are young still so learn this lesson now and let go of the pain but you gotta feel it and not judge yourself think of ways to move forward best of luck to you trust me all this shit like Instagram snap chat and opinions of others will not make you happier only you can do that
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  4. FEEL

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    She wasn't just a chick on Instagram, she was my friend IRL for over two years but then she got into a relationship and things turned to be ugly so we stopped talking.. and after 30 days of NC I removed her completely from my phone.
    I feel like my mind is going back and forth right now.. that's a weird feeling
    but hopefully, it will pass within the next couple of days.
    Thank you very much for this comment
  5. SorryWontSayIt

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    I don't have a lot of experience when it comes to love, relationship and dating, but I still just want to share what I think and I hope I can help.

    I just went and are going trough some sort of a break up. We were not really far into the relationship (so I guess you were closer to the girl you are talking about).

    I feel the same as you rigth now (I think), my mind can't focus, it is going back and forth all the time. Not too many days ago I understood that I had to remove her from social medias. It hurt, but seeing her updating her social medias made me miss her again (even after I thougth I had starting to get over her).
    I could not make up my mind if it was correct to remove her or not. In one way I was hoping that a miracle could bring us back together, but most likely it will just be a longer lasting pain.

    So at least for me, I feel removing her will make it easier to move on - even tho I really miss her and want to have contact, not moving on will just make the pain last longer and worse.
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  6. It’s going to take time. The best thing to do is to fill your life with new thoughts and interactions. Meet new people and make new friends. With time the thoughts will become less and less; however, if you continue to focus on how long it’s going to take to forget her then she’s just going to continue to stick around in your mind because she’s still the subject of your thoughts.

    So, out with the old and in with the new!
  7. Hi there. A quite similar thing happened to me though(thrice). Even though it might sound cliche but my experience is that time passes by and you start giving less f%%ks.
    Here is what it did: Hope this helps you.
    1) Analyse what your feelings were for her.
    Rate how much percent of it you feel it was:
    Attraction/Infatutation , Love , Liking, Respect.
    2) Now reduce the number by 20-30. This is how you might feel actually(surely we overestimate our emotions)
    3) Write down what you really really feel about her.
    4) If you really have true feelings convey it. (I did not convey it since my feelings (all three times) were of infatuation or liking (killin to feel true romantic love though,anyways)
    5) If her reaction is mature then contemplate it. Think about it. Are they true? but i suggest convey feelings if they are true and mature.
    You need to think in a mature manner.
    I am 19 but surely i thought maturely during these phase(when i was 17 and 18).
    Pm me if any help needed.

    And you seriously need a new habit. Keep yourself busy.
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  8. Hitto

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    Clearly she just isn't some stranger but everything I said still applies you're welcome good luck
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  9. Abird

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    To behonest. It took me like 1-1,5 year to get over a girl I liked. It helps to remove any contact with her. I did see her sometimes (had no idea she was there) and then she gave mixed signals. So avoid any contact and it won't take that long.
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  10. lamstronger

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    For everyone it is different. I only remember the sex i had with my ex, she wasnt the type of person id date long term. I dont even miss her tbh, took me till i found another person of interest
  11. XinMing Shu

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    Meeting someone new helps. Since you are on nofap you would find women to be more attractive in general. And sometimes you would feel it's absolutely necessary to talk to that well-dressed lovely lady you have been seeing on the way to work. Just do it, get rejection, do it again.Embrace the natural dopamine release when you talk to a pretty girl.

    As for your friend, deleting her from your cellphone is not the way to let go. You can talk to her. Be open to her and be genuine. Step outside of your comfort zone and express how you feel. In the end, no matter what she says, I am sure you wont regret it to have that conversation and then you can truly move on.

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