I lost my girl and I wanna die

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by andarf, Mar 14, 2016.

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    let me tell you a little secret: "There maybe no love after marriage, but there is absolutely no love before marriage". If love exists, it only exists after marriage. Love before marriage is a lie.
    about suicide, don't kill yourself, kill your girl. just a joke
  2. If she loved you,she would have never have left you.
    If she left you,she never loved you.
    You were just a toy to her.Or maybe a chewing gum.
    Stop acting like a child mate.Just because you can't have a bdsm with another woman like her isn't worth the reason to cry. BDSM isn't important,if it is important to you,well then,you don't care about the other person's feelings.What if a girl comes in your life,who is perfect except she doesn't likes BDSM.Would you leave her?just because she doesn't likes BDSM? Stop running behind this.Relationships are made to love,not to satisfy a type of craving.
    And after all,why are YOU sad? You did your best,you loved her,you gave everything.If she didn't wanted to return something you back,then it's her problem.She is at fault.She should be crying.She didn't deserve you.You deserve much better woman than her.She is unlucky to not have a partner like you.Why blame yourself then? Move on and build a new relationship,and don't worry if the girl leaves you or not.If she doesn't,well then it's great for you and her as well,but if she leaves,then it's still good for you,but the chick who left you just lost a diamond. ;)
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    shiiit man..! you got a girl to have a bdsm relationship with you!!
    you must be fuckin' king of seduction like christian grey ey stuff..! i have'nt even kissed a girl..!
    you are genius. can you pass some wisdom here sir?plz..?
    btw, you got a girl once, you can get another one too, i trust your skill.
    enjoy your life :)
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    Man this post is gold. I just had a bad time with one girl and it's giving so much motivation to me right now ! THANKS !

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