I heard about NoFap after my body told me to do it.

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    Hello everyone, This is insane but i started doing nofap before I learn about this community and I will explain exactly how it happend.

    I had a 4 years relationship with a girl. She broke up with me through telephone and I did not see her again. 5 years have past. No optical contact BUT in this 5 year period she used to call me one or two times a year and sometimes she was crying and telling me that she love me e.t.c. I got over her but the problem was the calls she was doing to me. When we were speaking allways i was feeling sad and i had this sence that i will never forget about her cause these telephone calls. So, the last time she called me was about 1 year ago and I had once again this sadness and this sh it should stop. I ask my self what is changing to my daily life everytime she calls me and believe me, all this time I was not able to notice that I did not had urge to watch porn and masturbate at all... Aaaand.. BOOM!!! After 5 years of darkness, the real answer was in front on me! So I search on the internet about this and read hundreds of stories especially on this website. So I started imediatelly! quit porn, masturbation and orgasms. My first journey lasted 55 days. On 55 day I had sex. But the fact that matters is that I was not feeling sad even when my ex called me. I got over her completely! My second journey was 101 days. then I relapsed. Nowdays I dont watch porn and I dont fap. I just dont do it. Its not a part of my daily life anymore. If I masturbate one random day then I will not do it for 50 or 60 days. i dont think of it at all! Its AWESOME! Thanks for your time. :)
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    Awesome progress bruh! Keep it up. We're in this fight together:emoji_muscle:
  3. Congratulations, that's fantastic!!

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