I have discovered the biggest reasons for premature ejaculation (and super simple fix)

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    Yes i have a slight case of anterior pelvic tilt which made my belly potrude even though im skinny and made my lower back hurt like crazy. I also had forward head posture from too much playing video games. Did you know you add an extra 10 lbs of pressure to your spine the more forward your head is? It’s like having a bowling ball near your body then sticking it out more and more it becomes more difficult to hold the weight even though the weight has stayed the same!

    So what i did was doing some hip thrusts because i have no glutes whatsoever and fixed my forward head posture (basically just keep my head in line with my body) and now my lower back does not hurt like it used to. Fixing anterior pelvic tilt helped out my lower back pain and potruding belly (i look skinny again) but it did not do much for erections and PE.
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    Welcome bro!

    Yes sir there is a subtle distinction between the BC muscle contraction and the PC muscle (anus) contraction! I had to put a finger close to my anus just to feel the difference! Since we are so used to contracting the BC muscle (ejaculatory muscle) the BC muscle always wants to take over.

    I did a lot of trial and error to reach this point so basically at first i tried to do it by feeling alone and visually seeing my penis pull in i tried that for a few days and shortly after i had to pee a lot throughout the day no spontaneous erections whatsoever and my pelvic floor felt really achy all day HORRIBLE feeling my BC muscle was twitching all day i was thinking to myself why did this happen i thought i saw my penis retract inwards why am i getting worse?

    So a few days later after the pelvic floor calmed down on it’s own i tried a different method. At this point i was willing to do almost anything so i stuck my middle finger near my anus because pelvic floor therapists use this method to feel how tight your pelvic floor is and i tried to tighten the muscle around my finger. At first I didn’t feel nothing at all! I only felt my BC muscle contract! I knew this wasn’t right so i focused on the back of my pelvic floor a little bit and finally after a couple of tries i actually felt something pulling on my finger!

    So i finally contracted my PC muscle but i still needed to isolate it or the BC muscle would continue to ache and get worse completely defeating the purpose of doing this exercise. After a couple more tries i actually isolated the PC muscle i confirmed this by having two fingers directly under my BC muscle to feel it flex or not. It has to be a really gentle contraction or the BC muscle will take over i cannot stress this enough you also have to slowly pull in the PC muscle.

    Now that i finally got to the point of PC muscle isolation it was time for some reps so right now im still in trial and error but what i have so far is that LESS IS BETTER. When i tried a few second contractions in the beginning i started getting solid and i mean solid erections just by being at work or watching tv. It literally feels like my penis was full to the max and I didn’t feel aching in my pelvic floor and i didn’t have to force anything.

    Later like a few days ago i got a little adventurous and tried to hold the contraction for about 20 seconds at least with just a few seconds of relaxation in between and i think i tired the PC muscle out because i wasn’t getting erections throughout the day shortly after this. I have given the pelvic floor two days of rest so far im going to try today a ONE humble set of 5 reps of 5 second holds and maybe 5-10 seconds of rest in between.
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    Hey guys i'm new here and i want to share a small success story.

    Background: Had PE for a couple of years and recently, because of low self esteem, started having ED as well.
    I've been dating this really cute girl but haven't had the chance to actually get inside of her since i always prematurely ejaculated. It was time to look for a cure!!!

    Online search and forums almost all suggest taking pills and meds but i'm not into those stuff so i pass.
    Went to my doctor and he prescribed SSRI's. Took half a pill the first day and it fucked me up so much i had to throw the whole bottle in the garbage.

    Finally had the balls to talk to by bff who's a therapist (and a girl). She went furious when she knew i was prescribed SSRI's and said i shouldn't even come close to such meds. She said the whole PE and ED story is just in my head. Basically i'm using the "decision making" part of my brain (always worried if i would cum, performance, timing...), while i should be using my "emotion" part of my brain instead.

    1. talked it over with my gf and she was sooo understanding and willing to help me out anyway possible. this relieved me so much.
    2. NOT THINKING about it. seriously. and this was my gf's idea. She said said to just enjoy it. if i want to cum, then i should just go ahead without worrying if its premature or not.
    3. and MOST IMPORTANTLY:................ NOFAP!!! and specifically this thread!!! yesss.. you guys helped me a lot....

    .... after reading the whole thread on friday, i went home and just practiced Reverse Kegel. i didn't have time to practice flexing my PC muscles though.
    anyway fast forward Saturday night i went to my gf's house and we started making out. It's very important to take your time here and use foreplay. up until this point all was fine.
    then she started rubbing my dick. all i did was relaxxxxx and specifically relax my PC muscles. all went fine. at the point where i felt i was climaxing, i just pulled away and changed position in bed.
    this went for 40 min. after that my ED kicked in.
    finally i was on top of her and started rubbing my thing on hers. this got my thing hard. so i relaxed my floor muscles. i went inside (yeeeeyyyy) but 10 seconds later i reached climax so i pulled out. rubbed again and when i felt i was ejaculating i just relaxed my floor muscles (very tricky to the brain because this is the point when i always used to clench my BC). To my surprise, only a small drip came out and i was totally relaxing my floor muscles. we ended there and all in all it was good. she asked me what changed this time i told her i read a forum where they teach reverse kegel. she said cool i think this worked you should keep practicing.

    So there it is guys. THANK YOU!!!! no supplements, no meds, just practice for 1 day and i already see progress.

    will update you on my next sessions!
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    Excellent success story. Thanks for sharing!
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    Hi @oaty,

    Can you please update about your results so far ?


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    I need much more time to give an accurate update of results due to certain circumstances.
    All I can say for now, is that there haven't been any significant changes as yet. But like I said, more time and tests are needed for me to give out any new information.
    I will surely keep you updated if there's anything new and wish you all the best.
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    Hey guys ! ( my english is not so good but i’ll do my best )

    I started my sex life around the age of 11 and at the age of 16 I had the first serious relationship. Until then, everything I fucked was "an occasion" and the sexual act had a duration of 1-3 minutes.
    During the relationship over time I could have sex for 20-30 minutes sometimes ( i don t know how ) and sometimes just for a few minutes..like 5-7 minutes.
    Oook .. the relationship lasted for 2 years and after that I had a few girls to have sex with em but never more than 2 or 3 minutes.
    In 2017 I moved in another city and I started to go at some nice electronic music parties.I met a girl in a random night out and we took an ecstasy pill and after that she invited me to her place.
    We had sex about 3-4 hours ( was amazing ).After that we kept in touch and I searched for some tips to last longer cuz i liked how I felt when i gave her a lot of orgasms.
    I discovered the kegels exercises and I started to do them few times per day.After this I could have sex for how longer i wanted.
    In May 2018 I met my current girlfriend and the same , I could have sex how longer I wanted with her.
    Sometimes I could not ejaculate and she was frustrated about that ( she thought she did not excite me as much to ejaculate ) and I started to force my self to ejaculate to make her happy.
    For a few months ago I started to stop controlling the moment when I ejaculate ( i can’t be in control anymore ) and I discovered this site and start to make again the kegel exercises ( the right ones ).
    Can someone explain this ?
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    Hello my freinds. I am new to the site, my first post here and I hope this post will be promising for a lot of you guys that read it.

    I have had issues with PE for as long as I can remember, ever since I started having sex, I used to have problems with ED specifically PIED and I overcame that quite a few years ago, naturally.

    My PE really depends on the girl, the situation etc. But I can usually last for about 1-2 minutes in one specific position, for years I have been masking this by switching position or pulling out every time I almost reach the PONR, but this is of course at times not enjoyable for me or the woman, I have had some amazing sex just because I have got to know my body very well and able to mask my PE but and the end of the day I am unable to have the sex I want.

    I previously researched ways to cure PE and came across regular kegels, did them for a short while but things did not change much so I stopped. Recently I had a, I had only slept with this girl twice and the first time was great but the second time not so good as I kept having to pull out. She seemed fine but the following week she went distant, she told me it was because she was very busy with studying and seemed genuine but you know how is your mind starts to wander and I thought was this because of me?

    Anyway I thought enough is enough it’s time to take some action, so I found this article and it made sense to me even thought it may just be ‘bro science’. I decided to start to relax my BC throughout the day, I found that I was holding so much tension there constantly throughout the day, like really walking eating whatever I was always slightly tending up my BC muscle unconsciously, I changed this and every time I could remember I just released tension there, I guess this is a reverse Kegels although I have not even researched reverse Kegels yet, I just thought I would start to relax my BC muscle throughout the day while doing more research.

    Anyway to make a long story not too long lol I met a girl yesterday on a night out and we had sex. I lasted longer than I have in quite a while, I still had to pull out at times but I felt I had way more control over my dick than I have ever had, I was constantly relaxing my BC muscle during sex. And when I was getting close to the PONR I would do I guess what is known as a reverse Kegel, all it really was was me simulating pushing urine out which relaxes the BC muscle, sorry but that’s the only way I can describe it :D. This enabled me to stay in longer and the PONR would delay a little.

    One thing I will mention is that my dick was definitely not as hard as usual, and I actually went soft at one point for a short moment, this was definitely due to the fact of me relaxing my BC muscle, I hope this will be overcome when I train my PC or IC muscles. I would like to share a few articles I found below that may explain a lot more of the information everyone has amazingly shared on this post, that I found helpful. I will share it on my next post as this draft is not saving right now and I have to find the links lol.
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    Fuck guys I cannot yet post links as I need to have at least 2 posts and 1 like and a few other requirements, as soon as I reach these I will post the links to the articles ASAP. One is on the IC muscle and how that could be a possible cure to PE, curious to here anybody’s thoughts or knowledge on the IC as oppose to the PC muscle.

    Anyway I hope my post gave some encouragement and I’m happy to answer and questions anyone has, I’m nowhere near perfect literally just starting my curing PE journey but I’m super hopeful and TBH I know this will work, with some work. We don’t know all the answers but we’re working it out and I’m here to help everyone it’s the only way we will sort this by everyone sharing information, brainstorming and sharing experiences, I will begin to start to put a specific reverse kegel plan into my life and hopefully train the BC or IC when I properly isolate them. Cheers my bros ☝️
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    Hey, I saw this thread couple of days ago and I really want to thank everyone for the great information.
    I've been dealing with this problem for the past 4-5 years, tried kegel before, but since I did not know about the difference between BC and PC until now, I have always tried to flex the BC very hard during sex which apparently just made it worse.

    So far, since I have read the thread, I tried to keep the BC relax as much as possible(every time I remembered) during the day. Also I tried to find the PC by peeing and stopping the flow without using the BC, but I am really not sure if I am doing it correctly. I also watched different images of the muscles down there to get a better understanding of which one is which.

    I have been doing a lot of PMO, so I also stopped that and decided to do edging once a week. Today was the first try so I could get a better understanding of the BC. I tried for only couple of minutes but I think I was far from PNR by keeping the BC relaxed, it really helped me to keep couple of finger on top of BC so I could feel every movement and try to relax. I think it was also very important to keep it relaxed and monitor it from the very beginning and not after getting hard. During the training my erection was weak and was going up and down but I think if I keep training the PC it would get better.

    Also I think a big part of my problem is in my head, I have trained my brain to enjoy and crave orgasm. I month ago I was having sex and by being on the bottom and relaxing(I think was relaxing the BC muscle, did not know about it at the time) I was able to last longer, but during that time my brain just wanted the flex the BC and orgasm, so I also have to train it to not rush to the finish.

    So I will keep trying to have the BC relax and to get a better feeling of the PC and make it stronger, and in a week will try to edge again for longer period.
    I cannot try sex right now because my girlfriend is not here, but I really want to try an improve for the next time we are together. I really love her and want to be together, but this problem makes me feel like I am not worth it and I am scared of losing her.

    I will keep posting my progress and would really appreciate other people doing the same, I find it useful and motivational. Thank everyone again.
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    What’s going on people. I told you all I would reply once I could and sorry for taking so long but here attached are some pictures that I screenshotted showing the best information it seems I could find on the net about PE. It took me a long time to get all of this info and I hope it will help.

    I’m still trying to make sense of it all and decide what I’m going to try, it would help if other people in the thread could possibly shed some light on the below pictures if they have any experience with them, or there own ways of dealing with PE.
    I will try my best to devise a plan incorporating one or more of the techniques below and I will report back with any results.

    Cheers guys hope we can all cure this, we’re stronger together.

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    Some more info guys..

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    I am sooooo confused about this whole PC and BC muscle thing :(
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    I feel you. It’s sort of like the more you read the more you get confused, it would be great if someone could actually confirm they cured their PE and what they did to do so.

    I would say the best bet is to focus on one persons recommendations for a while and see if any improvement. That’s what I am doing now.

    I will report back with results.

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