I am a college failure

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  1. I dropped out of my college to find out what my problem was. My advice is to gain some mastery over NoFap and your body before trying college again if you're set on that.
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    I used to think that way about myself. I was kicked out of my first university for having many failed subjects. I stopped for 2 semesters while in my 2nd university for personal problems. I'm delayed for 2 years. My first major in my first university was 5 years and my second major in my second university was 4 years. Also for 3 sems after I came back from stopping I only took a few subjects. That's why I'm 2 years delayed. I felt old compared to most of my classmates who were usually 2 or 3 years younger than me and most of them politely address me. I felt like a failure because most of my high school classmates have already graduated and are working and some have even left the country while I'm still getting my degree. That is until I started to join the activities of my major's organization and also the activities of the uni. I started to make friends and have fun. The age gap started to not matter. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and just do my best and make the most of my time in my second uni.

    Now my graduation is in April. I will miss my second university, friends, classmates, acquaintances and professors. But I definitely am proud that I an finally finished with this part of my life.

    My advice is study hard, party hard. Don't be too serious and have fun. College is supposed to be fun. Yes you have to be serious about quizzes, exams and thesis papers but that's not all what college is about. There's a reason why there are many college organizations: for you to explore your interests, make friends and for the final time HAVE FUN!

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