Human behaviour?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Jungster, Apr 14, 2019 at 6:27 PM.

  1. Jungster

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    Hey. I am not sure where to start, but here goes:

    Short story
    - Been a porn addict since my dad died 9 years ago (I was 21 then).
    - I lost two boyfriends because of porn/hookup addiction, afraid my current boyfriend might dump me.
    - A friend told me to come here... I do not know where to start. (PS: Friend lives in a farm in the middle of nowhere, so chatting/getting hold of him is really difficult)

    Human behaviour?
    - Perhaps all these weird sexual behaviours are to be human? I must overcome these and surpass humanity (alla Nietzsche).
    - I am addicted to porn, hookups, and light BDSM.
    - Corcerning psychology: I am trying to figure out why I like to be dominated. My father's death might have something to do with psychological development or something. I am working hard on figuring out this one.
    - Tonight I watched totally illegal stuff, and that really sparked concern in me. I feel bad and like crying. Porn/lust is a downward spiral. My thoughts do not usually includes illegal stuff, but I suppose that is what lust does to a person.

    What I want to do
    - Stop porn addiction
    - Stop hookups

    Whenever I try to stop masturbating/watching porn, my desires intensifies (I suppose that is normal) - I cannot sleep, I cannot work, I am severely anxious. I've read through the guidelines, and hence I am not giving out details here. Obviously I do not want to trigger anyone.

    I do not want to get STDs, be alone, or live a double life. Also, I don't want some pathetic porn blocker. I want to build the discipline of sorting through my issues and doing it myself. Too many people I know have porn blockers that does NOTHING to them - as soon as they can bypass the system they will watch porn. I want CHANGE.

    Where do I start? Please help - I am desperate, and deeply hurt.
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  2. Jungster

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    This morning I thought about shamanism, and I was reminded of a warning: Do not stare into the cosmos because the cosmos stares back.

    Likewise: Do not stare into porn because porn stares back.

    I will let you think about that one.
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  3. Nugget9

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    A porn blocker in the beginning may help you start your journey into what you do not know, it is very powerful and your body will feel it.
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  4. Yalmoo

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    How about start meditating to strengthen your discipline and awareness? I found mindfulness very helpful with my addiction.
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    MEDITATE, I MUST! It has been 24 hours. Last night I felt very anxious, but my brother and sister came to visit and we had a blast - jokes all night!

    I am panicky. MUST WANK! But now I am going to meditate, and pray. I've made it to here. Press on...
  6. Jungster

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    Came across porn by accident - super turned on. Pressed the emergency button, and this popped up:


    Yeah, I started crying. I must say no. But it's not easy today. This morning was fine, but I am tired now. And needy. MUST PRESS ON! Lord, help!
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  7. Roady

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    If the urges comes, think about this:

    If you don't go through it NOW, you will never go through it.

    Write useful texts on papers and stick them everywhere in the house.
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