How to know if I am dating a hoe?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Deleted Account, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Anubis Rises

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    tell her you want to play a game of switch each others phones for 5 minutes to brows each others phone,if she quickly throws hers out the window an replies "i cant mines broken" she a hoe
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  2. ..Anna..

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    Yeah, because you want to make (and are making) children with all the woman you sleep, never use protection etc... :)
  3. Gotham Outlaw

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    Looking at her family is a good indicator. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
  4. Merovingian

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    This "loophole" will never stand up against time! :p
  5. GG2002

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    Guys I get the jokes and satire and I know it certainly makes it easier to talk about tough topics by using humor. I just never know who is struggling with what and how joking of satire may cause others to feel upset or as if their concerns are not being taken seriously. So many pmo addicts have been targets of teasing and laughter and it could be a trigger. I also think we just need to get rid of the word slut when describing a woman or man. I know it’s thrown around a lot but I liken it to the word “gay.” For me growing up in the early 90s people said things all the time like “that’s so gay,” which meant it was dumb or stupid. We would never say that now though. Just watch how you throw that word around.
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    Don't have Maddonna whore syndrome , don't be hypercritical in your judgement especially if you have enjoyed porn . Simply hang out w her and be mindful of how you are feeling , learn how to separate how you feel about her physically from how you two get along . The most important important thing is how well you get along ( do you contribute more to each others happiness or do you fight too much ? ) and shared values , in you caase not the sex stuff look at your other day to day life values and hers . Also google the book sex before dawn and listen to a couple interviews w the authors on youtube to de program your self from all the social conditioning you have taken in about all these hypercritical judgy views on women and sex and learn where most of them came from , Men and religion , and why , for control .
  7. White ninja

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    Also have you guys talked about being exclusive ? If not the she's not doing anything wrong . And for god sakes don't bring it up or put your foot down, girls hate that or act jealous or suspicious , they are very intuitive and hate that too . Just hang out w her , make sure you are some one who is fun to be around , but not in a try hard way , just be yourself , if its right , she'll ask you to be exclusive when she actually feels that way . Also it sounds like you need to learn more about boundaries . I repeat LEARN ABOUT BOUNDARIES . There is tons of info out there . A healthy boundary is like a lock where only you have the key to let some one in . If some one is messing w your emotions even un intentionally then that's you allowing that , not them . Unhealthy boundaries are either walls so that no one can get close to you or giant holes, where other people can reach in and have more control over your emotions than you , and where you think its OK to do the same to others etc . Sounds like you might still ave some holes . Having healthy boundaries is like a muscle , you get better the more you practice applying them into your life . Also Unhealthy boundaries Usually leads to co dependance , and if you are co dependant , then you will never be able to retain a relationship w the type of girl you want and will most likely eventually end up in a co dependant relationship . Trust me that's not what you want .
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    Same here
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