How to forget a girl?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Perfetto_iN_2743, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. Perfetto_iN_2743

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    Hello everyone, I have a difficulty. Two weeks ago I met a girl who herself began to communicate with me and hug me. We met a few more times. There was almost nothing.

    But now she does not go out of my head. I constantly remember her, I want to meet. I see that she is not very interested in communication.

    What to do? Help me please. I will not tolerate such torment. It's scary, I want to cry now.
    I hope for your answer, fapstronauts to the last
  2. wethebest

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    I cant help you top much but I'm only responding bc of your last paragraph lol

    There is nothing scary happening, here's what I do when I get anxious. I'm an thinker. I question things and I think stuff over. Now although I am trying to start to develop only positive thinking, you need to see something.

    What's the absolute worst case scenario? First does she work w you? Is she friends with a majority of yours? Idk this woman. Idk you. And I certainly don't know the situation.

    Only you can answer that question. Now moving forward, what can you do to get her put of your head? Idk but I'll tell you a quick story.

    In high school I had a girlfriend. And she was getting to be a pain on my ass tbh, but we continued dating. At that time, another girl seemingly "swooped" in (and swooped is the only word that can be used) when i was thinking of breaking up w her. We talked it over, we went to lunch and stuff. It was strictly as friends, nothing happened. We would talk about my rltp and got to know each other. But we didn't kiss bc I was still in a rltp, apparently we both came up w that lol. Eventually, my girlfriend broke it off w me in a very angry fashion for no apparent reason she would give at least. & I dated that other woman and it was alot more fun.... alot more sexual as a person

    Moral of the story, and to answer your question, move on to another girl. That's what's worked for me anyways. I'm not saying date them. Start small, meet people, talk and what have you
  3. wethebest

    wethebest Fapstronaut

    And then when you see that girl youve been thinking about you'll be like more calm and cool around her bc she isn't on your mind. I'm not saying be a dick, just but be responsive/nice.

    If it worked, this should come natural. If you're adjusting your behavior for this woman, it has failed
  4. The Unfadeable

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    You just have to deal with it and toughen up. Every body wants love and all that, but when you meet a girl and it doesn't work out you accept it and go on about your business. Thats all, thats it.
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  5. HugoBoss

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    "Time heals everything"
    You know this girl for only two weeks so it shouldn't take too much time until you'll get over her.
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  6. blacklabel92

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    Sounds like you didn't end on good terms with her. Thats usually the reason. I fooled around with a coworker once and after i just ghosted her and left her confused. To this day i still miss her laugh and the smell of her hair. It's gonna be take alot of courage and moxy but I say u tell this girl how u feel about her and get it all out in the open. It will make u feel better and after u find out if she wants to be with you i guarantee the thought of missing her will go away. Good luck!
  7. Sounds like you were rejected in the end. It happens, man. I'm afraid you'll just have to try your best to get over her. Throw yourself into a useful hobby, like music or writing. Reading, even. Maybe start working out, that's a good one. Just focus on improving yourself so the next girl will be amazed by the individual standing before her.

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