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    I’m a female in PMO recovery even though P isn’t a problem for me now. My biggest problem is excessive M and I want to start by saying that my trigger is being alone and bored. Low on money? M. Day off and home alone? M. Ate too much and don’t want to move? M. Time for a nap? M.

    With all this in mind, I created a list of things I’ve done to redirect my time alone into productivity and so far it’s working. Some days I do feel like edging without PMO but I’m more aware of myself now and I know edging is a trap for relapse.

    This list I prepared is useful for me and I’m sharing it because it may be useful for someone else. I doubt straight men would utilize it but the act of sharing helps me double my nofap intentions.

    How To Avoid PMO
    1. When feeling aroused, do NOTHING about it. Don’t allow your hands to linger after scratching your private parts.
    2. Don’t tease your mind with Psubs. Don’t read or watch anything provocative. If P and Psubs are pollution, try to run your mind on green energy. In other words, don’t waste your sexual desires on toxic material. Instead, savor your sexual desire for when your partner is present.
    3. Download the Pinterest app and start finding new food recipes to try.
    4. Find an excuse to drive somewhere even if it’s only to a Starbucks drive-thru.
    5. Go shopping (set a budget, of course).
    6. Take care of your body in other ways—apply a face mask, use a pumice stone, paint your toenails, curl/straighten your hair, etc.
    7. Redecorate your home/apartment.
    8. Organize and declutter your living space.
    9. Hang out with your pets/friends/family or log onto nofap.
    10. Don’t discuss your PMO problems with anyone other than those who support an anti-PMO lifestyle. (Lots of people have compelling arguments that are antithetical to this lifestyle. Don’t let their high fructose corn syrup become your kiwis and grapes.)
    The longer I avoid my triggers, the less urgent they feel. I know I don’t have balls and I don’t feel seminal pressure but I do get huge urges. Habit formation is no joke. What I tell myself to keep my focus in check is that it’s not okay to be a lazy failure. Instead of playing with myself, I should be job hunting or cleaning my house. No good ever came from a half-asser!
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    I'm not a woman, but these are good ideas generally!
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    Another feel-good aspect of avoiding M is that satisfaction and pride in being accomplished with one’s goals. It feels good to hit a checkpoint. When I was trying to lose weight, I would push that extra few seconds of running before pacing to a walk and that self-torture was worth it.

    Be bigger than yourself and transcend your biology! You don’t have to remain a pleasure seeking animal who acts on impulse. You have the power to refine your worth in this short life we share. Everyday I see my boyfriend come home and I don’t M, I feel like a deserving person. I want to keep it that way.
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    Those sound really well.

    I have found what is also good is to verbally identify what it is I am feeling out loud. For me saying it brings to the forefront what I am actually dealing with.

    I claim those feelings which empowers me to own them. Since you have well documented alternatives you are well on your way.

    I have had to OWN my insecurities and my weaknesses and EMBRACE them.....not run away.

    I would also encourage you to journal your thoughts as well.

    Good work so far and be encouraged.
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    Hi there! I read your list and I wanna say I'm really inspired by this. I'm 15 says strong but I completely get it. Boredom made m the most too. Your list is really helpful and I'm gonna give a few things go!
    Hope your doing well, wish you all the best on your journey

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