How stupid was I

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  1. To think I ever had a chance. Like hell, i know, deep inside that im not good enough for sex but i deulluded myself that i was. The lie had to come to an end though. If you are not gl, you might as well forget about sex and women in general.

    It's not the fact that you are not trying. This stuff was never in your realm of possibilities from the getgo. It s a different reality. I thought about it and i realized, I dont know any girls at all, no girl ever approached me, i dont have any friends. Its clear as day ill die a virgin.

    Only women online told me i was good looking. I even got nudes from some girls and skype shows but none of that matters rly. If women irl dont casually flirt with you, its over.

    For every guy that got laid, this stuff happened on its own and they never had to put much thought on it. Thinking otherwise is pure masochism. There was nothing we could have done/
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    Quit your bullshit. It's getting annoying. We all know, that you're just a troll, who wants attention (which I give you right now, I know). You're neither helpful nor funny.
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    That's exactly what guys say, a few years before they land a really hot girl.

  4. i dont need patonizig
  5. llortaton

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    What do you mean? :|
  6. the whole idea that im like tese guys who got laid later on
  7. llortaton

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    I'm still confused. :I
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    He means that he doesn't want people to tell him he can do things he thinks he can't do.
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    Op, seek psychological help, I am serious.
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    What are you going to do then, OP?
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  13. complete my post graduate, my gym training and practice bass
  14. probably good looking guy lol. energy is BS, if it was true i would be drowning pussy
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    First thing of sense I've seen you post. GJ.
    With the gym training+being able to play an instrument surely that can get you a girl aha.
  16. yeah, no. i tried that shit before and it didnt work. music is a meme. a played guitar for a girl by her will and nothing happened
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    Well yeah I don't think playing a guitar on it's own will do the trick. Though I wish it would aha...
  18. then why did you say playing an instrument would help lol?
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    It makes you more interesting which will help. Obviously you cant show up play a riff and get your dick sucked...
  20. so it doesnt help. women really just want tall good looking guys

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