How Can I Want to Quit Smoking

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by logical_chaos, Dec 8, 2018 at 1:42 PM.

  1. logical_chaos

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    So I've been a smoker for about 10 years now and although I may have use to think that I couldn't quit, I know now that I don't really want to. It's strange to me because I want to quit (because of benefits like not having it control my routines), but at the same time I don't because I enjoy it.
    I feel like I need a much better reason than just the simple "fear factor" approach to actually want to quit. I'm not bothered by the fact that I'm slowly killing myself because I have existential depression. I can't really see any kind of real point to life. We're all going to die anyways so what does it matter if I die sooner?
    Maybe if I could somehow concentrate more on my quality of life instead of the quantity, I could see a good enough reason to want to quit?
    The only real way I can see, is to understand how it would impede my ability to live out some kind of purpose in life as a smoker (needing to be alive as apposed to just wanting to be.)
    Any thoughts, ideas, or opinions any of you have would be helpful. Thanks!
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  2. IAmLegion

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    We can tell you how to stop smoking.

    We can tell you why smoking is bad for you.

    We can tell you what smoking does to your body.

    But NOBODY can teach you how to want something.
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  3. PghGuy

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    I quit through vaping. It doesn't take away the addiction to nicotine but it does take all of the nasty chemicals that you are inhaling into your body out of the picture. I felt complete changes in my body in 1 week of stopping cigarettes and that was enough for me to never want a cigarette again.
  4. logical_chaos

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    Yeah maybe I should just stick to the vape. It's not good because I'm putting something into my lungs that isn't oxygen, but it is a lot better than cigs. This way I can still enjoy it without doing nearly as much damage.
  5. Dizzy Lotus

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  6. j0rdi3

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    I don't get it. I never got how people got into smoking cigarettes. There's not even really a high that you get out of it apart from the first couple times when you get light headed and feel a little buzz. I've smoked plenty of my cigs in my life but I could never develop the habit. I even tried one week to get addicted (which sounds very stupid I know). I personally don't understand how anyone gets hooked on smoking tobacco. weed is a little more understandable as it has a more interesting high associated with it.
  7. BestVersionToday

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    Easy bud, switch to vaping, it is so much more enjoyable!

    If you get onto a good flavour you're good man. I got the 3mg Nicotine just so I wouldn't crave but tell you the truth you don't need nicotine. I have 4 10mg bottles, when that is done I'm dropping the nicotine because that keeps you addicted. After that I just get flavour to enjoy.

    I have an Innokin EZ Watt vape, it has 3 heat levels.
    I had the Innokin Endura T22 before that, it was promoted as a good beginners vape but it stopped working, got a refund and bought the EZ Watt as its the same price and better. I recommend the EZ Watt on the middle setting. It's a better vape.

    I got my e-juice otherwise known as e-liquid from NZ from a site called vapoaustralia which is legal to import Nicotine into Australia but you wont find any sellers in Australia.

    - Turkish tobacco flavour is so nice, better than any tobacco
    - Traditional tobacco is also very good
    - Choc Mint however has now become my favourite. It's like a chock mint biscuit, its great, I like it more than the Turkish tobacco now

    Some of the fruit flavours I did not like so much. I recommend getting 3-5 flavours of 5mg to test. I got 3 flavours and luckily made the right decisions based on reviews. I had another 3 flavours from this old shitty vape I had and gave up on. There is a Chock Mint in a e-shisha brand that I still have 2.5ml left and Im saving that for a special occasion, its amazing!

    But you wanna finish up on your smokes because you may still want a normal ciggarete if you have it on hand, the brain will want it. But if you don't have any you wont need a smoke. I have not bought cigarettes in 2-3 weeks but admittedly I have had some smokes. So what. I'm done with smoking, I will never buy smokes again, and I will probably always have a vape on hand. Just be warned that it can be so enjoyable that you can actually sit there and chain smoke for like half an hour. You have to time yourself to not go overboard. I hear if you get a low Nicotine you want more but I find its enjoyable that's why. I'm actually finding I no longer use it frequently. At the start I did but not no more :). I just realized it this second and it's pleasing to know. I usually have a coffee and vape, that lasts the whole coffee which doesn't take me long, I usually have some longer sessions but infrequent. I mostly enjoy using it in the house, you can even use it with windows closed and it doesn't stick. You have one smoke inside with windows open and you will stink the house out for a long time. Not the case with vaping. Favorite is in a reclined position on the coach and sometimes even laying down watching TV. I like to see the bigger vape clouds which the EZ Watt provides me with but it does have a higher air flow than the Endura, Im not sure if I liked the Endura more but there is a lot to learn in the world of vapes and that's why the first is a bigginer vape and the EZ Watt is meant to be a step up but it's bullshit, you can buy it as a first no problems. They say don't get the advanced ones as some do because they want the massive clouds. I will update myself again, I want even bigger clouds but I don't know man, at higher wattage I think it will hurt my lungs. The EZ Watt has a 30-35 watt setting and I find its a bit too much so considering a vape that does 80 watts sounds like over kill and pain. Will see, I gotta look into it.
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  8. ClaritySeeker

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    1. Waste of money, calculate the yearly cost of your habit and let us know. Be honest please
    2. You won't be able to run as much or as far as someone who doesn't smoke
    3. You will smell nasty and attract people who like that nasty smell into your life. You'll never be able to be with someone else who cares about their health and would be a good mother
    4. If you ever have kids, it's a horrible example for them and unhealthy for them
    5. Eventually causes ED, not PIED but TIED
    6. It's another addiction and the fact that you're on this site means you're probably already a PA. Why would you want to be a nicotine addict as well?
    7. Your quality of life will be less
    8. Injuries will heal more slowly
    9. You are more likely to get the common cold or pneumonia. If you get the flu, it will be more severe.
    10. Short term and long term risk of death. Long term is slow and tortuous, you'll wish it's fast. You'll eventually get short of breath walking a couple steps if you get lung diseases from smoking. Go to a hospital and see someone with lung cancer or even just COPD
    11. Other cancers are possible too, like mouth, bladder, etc...

    Are those enough reasons?
  9. logical_chaos

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    Thanks guys this was very helpful! I used the calculator to find it would be about $4,000 a year spent on cigs. I was struggling to find reasons to quit, but I actually went snowmobiling for the first time today (my sisters bf took me and her just a bit ago) and I feel so good now! I'll just stick to my vape from now on and try to get off the nicotine containing juice. I think I'm just an adrenaline junkie and I'm bored with my life.
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  10. logical_chaos

    logical_chaos Fapstronaut

    It's mostly a psychological thing, like most addictions. It acts as a crutch to dealing with stress, boredom, lack of routines, etc.
  11. Jason_Tesla_19

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    As a former nicotine fiend who hasn't had any tobacco or nicotine in about 2.5 years, I sometimes still get occasional cravings. They might never totally go away.

    If you have depression, you may very well be self-medicating. Talk to your doctor about the depression and tobacco use, and bupropion may work for you. Also, social connection helps with addiction (as long as you're not connecting with addicts!).

    The good news is physiological dependency doesn't take too long to overcome. Psychological dependency is harder, and the brain slowly heals the neurological dependency with neuroplasticity. The first three weeks are the hardest, and then it gets easier.

    Cold turkey is generally the easiest way! Yes, the easiest. Trying to wean yourself with nicotine replacement just helps feed the addiction and prolongs the pain. It's like trying to slowly peel a bandage, or rip it quickly. Nicotine replacement is much healthier than smoking, though! Vaping or smokeless tobacco is harm reduction (not "safe", but helps mitigate risks).
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