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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by bboyownz, Jul 20, 2017.

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    I know a man who was a total failure, but a determined failure. In his first year at college, he asked out 39 girls before he got his first date. He did not give up, he asked what he would have change for them to say yes, and he made changes. They still said,"No." He still did not give up. When I knew him, he had graduated and worked as a recruiter; he had to beat off the girls. I could not imagine him without a date, but one of his college buddies confirmed and enlarged on his early failures. Now he is a happily married father. It was a long haul to get there, but he did not quit until he impressed the one he wanted.
    Don't give up. You can do it.
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    You want advice... Here is advice.
    When you talk to a woman, don't look at her tits.
    Even when we look at who the hell knows, depending on what we are talking about and where we are, just don't do it.
    We Know, we Notice and we are Counting in our heads how many times someone does it for the pervert scale.

    Look at her face.

    If you feign interest, we notice that too.
    Why should we be interested in you?

    You want high quality?
    Be high quality... Don't act high quality... Acting runs out at the end of the scene.

    Define yourself
    Be original.
    Don't settle.
    Don't explain
    Or explain and don't care.
    Don't whine.
    Feel free to complain, but know the difference.
    Know how to apologize and be understanding when it's your turn to do so
    Be willing to do the work.
    Real men work.
    They communicate and are honest.
    Above all, integrity is key.
    A man is only as good as his word.
    High quality women know this.
    Everything that comes out of said mouth better be backed up with actions.
    Or actions backed up with words.

    My two cents on men.
    And looking for quality.
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    High quality women and beautiful women aren't the same. Not to be the cliche, but creating a friendship/relationship with a girl first makes a huge difference. Some girls like to go out with a stranger who asks them out, but most girls (myself included) want more time to sense a guys personality, but WITHOUT the pressure of a date because we want to be able to walk away after if we aren't into you. Friendship first. But like actually try because we know when you are just waiting to ask us out and it makes us uncomfortable.
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  5. Kenzi

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    Well, I have dated men and women
    And thank you @NonBeliever
  6. Noelle

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    Money and a personality.
  7. Drew140

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    Both really help Noelle. Nice honesty.
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    Patrice O'Neal added to listening, that was enlightening.

    A woman isn't looking to win, she's looking for a winner. That's why women try and knock you down huh.
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    on point!
  10. Properitas

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    @Jolie Have you ever considered writing for cosmo or some other magazine like that?
    That is at least a thousand times better, than all of the shit that´s written there combined.
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    I actually think men need help more... I read all this stuff about porn addicts who, with 11 year addictions, barely twenty, can't move past missionary or are trying to TEXT a girl to ask her out and they are asking others for advice who have the same problem and I'm just here, shaking my head, like no... I won't give my advice to my kids poorly, I won't give you poor advice.
    Someone has to be blunt!
    Say this is this!
    This is life!
    Cowboy up!
    Stop watching YouTube pick up videos for advice!
    Tie your shoes, ask her about the book In Her hands... Stop meeting people in gyms, there are other drinks besides alcohol! Just say you are allergic to dogs!
    It's so simple..
    Dating is supposed to be easy.... It's relationships that take work, but if you can't get there, what? Why?
    It's all sorted.
    It needs sorted.
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  12. Kenzi

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    I probably should tho... They'd pay me... Lol
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  13. The Peace Warrior

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    If you make a video on youtube then you get a hit as well with likes & so on.... ;)
  14. Kenzi

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    I actually stopped making videos on YouTube.
    Well... I'm sure you can figure it out.
    But maybe a magazine.
    Problem is, I'm working now, so I do this while I work, lol
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    I think the solution is suicide once I turn 30. 9 Years boys There's only really 1 purpose to life, to reproduce. If I can't even do that, then im a failure as a human being.
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  16. Kenzi

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    Wow... No.
    That's not the purpose in life.
    I have 3 disabled kids.... Do you think they are going to reproduce?
    Does that mean that they should be denied life?
    Should I not enjoy MY life because of this?
    The Big Bad Secret Everyone is looking for?
    Is to get your ass off the couch and live life.
    Enjoy it.
    It's not reproduction.
    It's not a screen.
    It's not women.
    It's not being the best at whatever the fuck you are skilled at.
    It's simply enjoying life.
    Move forward everyday.
    Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't know!
    That's AMAZING!!
    talk to someone!
    Get out, have fun
    Try something new!
    Eat your favorite cereal today.
    Or cake for dinner if it pleases you.
    But love you and love your life.
    Until you accept who you are... It's not going to get any better.
    Only you can change yourself.
    Life is limitless.
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    I've always found it better to slay a few dragons before you get to the princess I didn't go for 10's right off the get go. Hang out with normal girls for a bit first, you might learn a trick or two....
  18. bboyownz

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    Here's the only problem with this... What if, what you love about life is in fact just sitting in your room and watching television, or talking to people online, or playing video games with people ONLINE? This does not coincide with the concept of living life. I genuinely hate myself sometimes. If i enjoy doing these things, then i will never meet anyone. Im going to die lonely and sad, probably.
  19. Kenzi

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    Go to a gaming restaurant.
    Or any restaurant.... They all have TVs these days.
    Sit next to 50 other people that enjoy the same things and interact with them.
    Eat, talk and maybe... Mix it up and play a board game once in a while so you can sit across from someone while you eat.
    If you go online so much, you surely must know that these things exist for people just like you.
    Be out and compatible with the world.
    It's your life... Do something with it.
    Even if it's the same things, differently.
    There are internet cafes and even Most places have TVs no matter where you look.
    You don't need to be home, to get these things.
    Also, tablets and phones are portable.
    Games systems have portable options too.
    These... Are excuses.
  20. faplordxd

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    Start small you're not gonna get a super model if you're still a virgin

    Lower your standards and just fuck 6s and 7s until you get comfortable around women
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