Hi. I'm new. Where do I start?

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Doughboi, Feb 13, 2015.

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    [Reposting here in the proper place]

    Hi all,
    I just registered and am ready to begin my nofap adventure. I've done other things, had counseling, hate forums, but need something... So... Help?

    A little about me: I'm 38 yo male, addicted to PMO since 10, married with 2 young girls. I believe porn is not only bad for me, but also my relationships, and my girls. I hate the control it has in my life (PMO daily - at least 5 times/wk), but am dead to it, unable to even think I can be actually free of it. I feel powerless and fruitless. I've been depressed at work lately which doesn't help, and I just don't know what to do...

    So here I am. I know this is a bio-chemical addiction and an emotional addiction. I know this damages myself and my relationships. I know my agreements that bind me to it are rooted in childhood issues I've technically worked through. But I'm so stuck...

    So I'm here. Hoping to be encouraged and understood. Hoping to be guided into a process or system that may actually be effective. I've tried internet filters, accountability groups, etc. Nothing has worked... Help?

    Thanks for the read.
  2. michgem0707

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    Hello Doug,
    Just admitting about this is a start. All of us are working on not having any more porn or mastubation in our lives. We all have different ways of dealing with the temptations urges and the wanting of the rush from the PMO.
    This is a fight of mind over mind. Your one side of your brain wants the rush. While the other knows what damages it is doing.
    Take mental notes or journal what sets you off and find good habits to pull in to replace the urges and temptations.
    Take one day at a time and keep faith in yourself that you can overcome this.

    Prayers for you brother, keep reading on our posts and use yours when you need that little encouragement.
  3. trying2

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    Hi Doughboi,
    I don't have the answers for you, but I am also starting today. Let's do this together.
  4. Aryan

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    First of all CONGRATULATIONS for choosing the way of life you will always be proud of.Its hard,painful and totally worth it.I was the guy who could never get to Day 3 for a entire year and fapped 7 times a day at the maximum destroying many pathetic days.
    If you have not then read these articles on masturbation addiction:
    and porn addiction too..
    Also read something awesome about sex transmutation where you can channelize sex energy to other aspects of life and not physical outlet...

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