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    and thats where you are wrong. In all my attempts I learned much about myself and the strategy I was using. Flexibilty is very important and changing your strategy while you are on track. I do cold showers after workout. I do my workout almost everyday. I do it at least every second day if not everyday. I start my shower on a normal temperature but go colder and colder after washing. I don't go ice cold in a instant. I turn the the temperature step by step and when I think its cold enough I hit the limit and turn ice cold. What's also very important is that you start to realize that you don't need to do this forever (the unpleasent things). Try to reach 15 days. Do your workout and cold showers for 15 days. The day you workout you don't need a ice cold shower but a cool one. The day you take a really cool shower (carefully turning from normal to icecold) you don't need to do workout. Try to endure 15 days. From that point it will get easier. Don't lie on your bed or elsewhere. Try to set some rules for your bed and places you rest. Your desk is for work, your bed is for sleep only. When you go to bed no phone. No matter what. If you need to use it get up and stand up. 15 days and I assure you it will get easier. You will be at a point where you can change your strategy. Just fight till day 15. I will do the same.
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    I learned a lot too in the last past days. First of all that my ADHD medicine makes my addiction like 3-4 times stronger... which is more than just bad. I take my medicine everday to study and maintain a clear mind. I will stop taking them when I finished my education. Well it seems like I can finish my education only if I am successful with NoFap but I need the medicine for my education, which makes Nofap 3-4 times harder. Ironic it seems like there won't be any easy way to take. HA HA HA! Alright I wouldn't accept a easy victory it would feel like cheating. So this is it. This education can only be succesfully finished with me in my best form and giving everything I got and more.... I just reached 6% I wonder what power I will achieve when I reach 10%. :) Learning and sharing your knowledge is essential but never believe that you found the perfect way always try to improve your strategy :D
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    I hope you are giving your best. You can never dissapoint me and I will always believe in you brother. When you will come back you will see the progress I achieved. :)

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