1. Dogsarethebest

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    I'm 16 years old and I dont even know where to begin. I saw a video about nofap a month ago and decided to try it because used to masturbate 1-2 times a day and sometimes even more than that. After a few days I relapsed but then went again and I'm now about 3 weeks in. Unfortunately i watched porn without masturbating for a few days the second week but not anymore. Right now i feel lost. I can't come up with anything to talk about with people and I'm just...nothing. I think I started nofap because I didn't enjoy things as much as I used to before. I still don't. I don't enjoy music or playing games like before. And going back to talking to people, there's this girl that I really like but at the same time don't because of this shit. I need help.
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  2. KeepGoingStayStrong!

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    Hey man,

    This feeling of no joy is normal because the brain is fixing itself, it will take some time but it is all worth it.
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  3. Freakan

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    Just give time for yourself. Fill in you brain with good things like new knowledge through reading or some other way.
  4. SanctionedUser001

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    For quitting pmo u need to change this bad habit with some new good habits like reading,Exercising,Learning new skill etc.Plus just focus on ur life priority.And never lose hope.Goodluck mate:)

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