Help. Serious case here. FLATLINE from Pmo for 20 years

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Renegade007, May 18, 2019.

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    I started when I was a young child around 3. I didnt frigin know it was bad and no one bothers to tell me. Just an innocent kid. Then that grew and grew. I have missed out on so many opportunities that i didnt know was mainly because of that. Suffered from terrible social anxiety to the point where i would cover my face with hand and walk around school. As a young teen my confidence , charisma was over the roof but it slowly declined into oblivion.

    Now I have just realised the problem. I kept going a week with nofap and realised i would get my charisma back and all of them "superpowers" after having 0 confidence, eye problems, cloudiness of the head, weakness, anxiety, no motivation etc.

    Then i realised what the flatline was which was why i kept relapsing. Now im on DAY 13 and im on a terrible flatline. Flu like symptoms , headaches, dizziness, anger, no motivation , sleeping all day and so much more.

    I hate this and i really need some help and advice. How long will this FLATLINE last?????? And anyone else beeb through the same?

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