Help me , I am on 65 day streak!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Rocky11234, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Rocky11234

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    Hello All,

    After 45 days I am suffering from anxiety all 24 hours in a day.
    I am on hard mode.
    Doing exercises , go to gym , listen music, have goal, have job. Inspite of all these I feel heavy head always.
    Yesterday I saw a movie braveheart, in that some sexual scene was there, I try to resist myself not to focus myself on that, but I can't help saw it. I don't know it may be the reason for my yesterday's wet dreams.
    Today I am extremely stressed, feeling very weak. After 65 days , I am feeling like I have not left PMO, feeling no sense of achievement. Completely lost.

    Please help me. :( :'(
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  2. Jojo man

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    You left PMO my friend, just let it go. I feel like your mentally hanging on to it. Tell yourself “ I let this thing go and it’s not a part of me anymore “
  3. Make patience my friend !!! FOCUS and dont forget why are you here!!!!
  4. JJackson

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    Ive been there, I went 78 days and had that same thing happen. All I can tell you is to keep fighting and it gets better over time.

    I had it happen around day 50 but within a week I felt stronger than ever before. I'm pretty sure it's normal to go through a depression phase, your mind is starting to rewire to not be dependent on PMO.

    As for the wet dream, there's nothing you can do about that, it's natural, you're completely asleep when it happens so don't beat yourself up over it. If anything it's a sign that you're doing well. Your mind and body are getting desperate for PMO because you've been clean for weeks so great job!

    Just keep fighting and stay strong brother, you're doing great so far!
  5. Fenix Rising

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    Hold on... It gets better. I went through headaches, wild mood swings, terrible anxiety, depression, but slowly mind becomes calmer or at least you start seeing from a distance what psychological problems pulled you into PMO nightmare in the first place and are able to start long and painful "curing" process.

    Porn is not our main problem, it's just our drug of choice. Reasons why we escape to porn need to be discovered and addressed, if we want to break out of addiction. If we just abstain, we'll sooner or later find other drug of choice, be it alcohol, drugs, fetishes or something else.

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