He is at it again (help needed!)

Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by Lilla_My, Apr 4, 2019.

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    You are much more than a bunch of chromosomes. You are the very most important thing you have.
    If I was a man I would care for you, treasure the bond I have with you, I would kiss you on the lips much longer than needed so the love I have leaves me and pours into you - so you can feel it. I would want you to feel safe and happy, and grow to your full potential.
    I'm not a man I'm a straight woman. But that is how I treat the person I love.
    I was talking to my ex husband the other day about my current situation - he doesn't under why a man would choose porn over a real woman. my current partner confuses as a man. He said " you were everything I ever wanted and more". We are still good friends, and I appreciate his support.

    What I'm saying is not everybody is the same, not everybody will treat you the way your current partner treats you.

    One day he will crash and the shame of his action will overwhelm him. I hope you're not around for that I hope you will already have found a happy place.
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    It is so tragic @Lilla_My that this wicked addiction has destroyed your happiness like this. I honestly feel for you so much. I hope that time and life can still, ultimately, bring you the real happiness you deserve. It may never be possible with your partner. If he isn't prepared to recognise he is very, very sick and needs to heal his brain there may be no hope for your marriage. God, I hate porn. Anyone who thinks this is acceptable in our society - in any society - is as much a victim as the rest of us. It makes me angry and sad in equal measure. I hate the fact I was a pmo addict, but I know that only by acknowledging this I have been able to move on. This IS the key.
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    So true. There IS hope for us all.

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