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Discussion in 'Women in Reboot' started by Katie the Unready, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. Katie the Unready

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    I've been relapsing frequently, and I can't seem to get over it. I'm also having trouble fiding an accountability partner. The stupidest things arouse me and send me back to a dirty website. My longest streak was only 2 weeks, but I'm struggling to get going again. This has left me sort of drepressed - a feeling of worthlessness. What should I or could I do?
  2. Lovable king

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    Hey katie dont worry I have some experience that will help u a lot ... be aware about you ... learn form past mistake.
  3. Lovable king

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    dont worry from now I m your accountbility partner
  4. GhostWriter

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    First of all, welcome @Katie the Unready,

    Sometimes this struggle gets all so very real. You have to understand, this is an addiction, and this is a brain disease, so don't beat yourself up over it.

    The first thing you need to do is take it one day at a time. When you wake up in the morning, and go to the bathroom, take a good look in the mirror, recite to yourself "Just for today, I will remain clean" aloud. Literally, say it to yourself. It's much the same way affirmations look which we can talk about later, but you can also start with this one affirmation and say to yourself "my addiction does not define me, and I am a worthwhile human being". Even if you don't believe it at first, just keep doing it. After 30-45 days, you will begin to believe it.

    The second thing is, you've made it two weeks. You know you can at least do that. So that's your bar. Go one day at a time, but shoot for just 14 days.

    As far as an AP goes, there is an AP Forum where individuals are always looking for an AP. It would help to know how old you are so that you find an AP that is in close proximity to your own age. No offense @Lovable king, but your sobriety is 0 (ZERO), and you're a young man. I'm sorry, but that's not what this young lady needs. She needs an AP with more experience. Much much more experience in sobriety under their belt. How can you be an Accountability Partner when you're struggling to be accountable to yourself? She needs a female partner. Sorry!

    Sooo....., young lady, check out the AP Forum, and post a thread there of your own. Also, ping @Kenzi and/or @AnonymousAnnaXOXO, and ask them to help you find one. I love both of them, and they are remarkably good at helping people who need it. If for some reason, you need/want help, you are always free to reach out to me or PM me, and I will help you. I will be happy to serve as your AP temporarily until such time (as in days) we find you one that is suitable to you. But you really need to find an AP that is female for best results. I've experienced it enough with both men and women, and it's too easy for Sex Addicts/Pornography Addicts to get sidetracked and off course. Hope that makes sense to you.
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  5. Prov2416

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    @Katie the Unready

    Hey hang in there.

    I just relapsed a few minutes ago. Made it almost 30 days.

    But I am not going to give up. You shouldn't either. I actually got triggered by reading some stuff. Next thing I know I am going from threads to erotica stories. That was it.

    But I now have 1 more thing to be mindful of.

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