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    How much better does sex feel compared to masturbation? Want to know out of curiousity.
  2. SpiritVessel

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    On a physical level, sex feels much better. But when you have sex with someone you feel deeply connected with, it goes so much deeper than just the physical pleasure. It is a meaningful experience.
  3. Mordobarn

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    @SpiritVessel is right. When you are with someone you can connect with, trust, share, and hold, it's not about the sex. Sure, sex is an important part of the relationship, but empty sex, like the kind that you see on porn, is just… well, empty.

    I've had a couple of one-night stands (I believe that you call them "hookups" these days). They are dissatisfying, at least in my experience.

    For all my previous addiction, the most intense, edging, gaming, lengthy and fun-filled porn-and-masturbation episode has came nowhere near the deep satisfaction of a "vanilla" sexual experience with someone whom I could cuddle up to, hug, have a discussion with, and trust day to day.

    Porn-and-masturbation is a sticky plaster over a wound; a pain-killer for an ache. It doesn't heal the wound; it doesn't take away the problem that creates the ache.

    Sex with a loving partner is one part of a fulfilling emotional package, sometimes tricky as hell, but well worth it.
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  4. ReclaimedLife

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    Sex can feel aweful with the wrong person and is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have on this planet with the right person.

    And everything in between.

    It is also depending on your ability to be present in the moment, what kind of body image you have about yourself, about girls, porn consumption, fitness level, your creativity and yes, also how much time you are willing to invest in getting better in bed.

    But the best sex you can have is with the right person where you are fully present in the moment, ideally NOT necessarely making it about the orgasm.
  5. Mordobarn

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    That's true. Some people practice non-orgasmic sex and seem to enjoy it. It's not for me, but some people like it.
  6. ReclaimedLife

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    But yeah we all have to try everything we are interested in once to decide what we actually like and enjoy.
    Not everything is for everyone.
    Knowing what you want sexually and in a relationship is tremendously helpful with finding the people that are a positive addition to our lives.
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  7. I count on you being right.
  8. Poseidon

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    It’s more fun but your 3 second orgasm at the end feels the same. Guys get cheated when it comes to orgasms. Lol

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