Good streak then relapse cycle repeats itself

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Vinuk, Feb 19, 2018.

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    I have just relapsed again, going back to old porn and masturbation habits and I'm struggling to completely shake off. I joined this site in October 2017 to quit porn and masturbation and only limit orgasam with my wife only, although I have been suffering from PIED so sexual activity with my wife was limited From November to January I managed to stop but relapsed at the end of January. Again I went on a 2 week PMO free streak, however since last week till today I relapsed again.

    I'm determined not give up and my goal since November was to give up porn and masturbating for good, might sound far fetched but it's the best way for me as I've been suffering from PIED and my sex life with my wife has faulted. Although she is understanding I feel a sense of guilt and shame that I can't shake this, and really want to go back to normality.
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    Day one, never square one :)
  3. Dr. Jekyll

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    No, this isn't far-fetched. This is definitely what you should be doing. Just keep at it and you'll get there.
  4. If u absolutelly need a release than for a heavens sake rub one fast out without P!!! U need to get rid of that sh!t...

    If u relaps all the time than separate it into steps. 1st step is doing the longest streaks u can and if u cant go on, never use P to release, just do the moves, efective fast and boring, bam bam clean the mess and go on

    U will see ur streaks will get better and your life as well...

    Just never stop pushing and never use P
  5. Vinuk

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    Thanks for the helpful comments. In my mind now I am taking this one day at a time and not thinking about the long term goal
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    No offense to epic fight, but you should not be rubbing one out. TRUST me on this one, you have an urge, talk to your wife about it, tell her what’s emotionally going on with you. We relapsed because something negative triggers our urge instead of speaking out we keep it inside then the urge builds to a level we can’t control then we relapse by releasing whatever issue that was build up inside Buddy trust me TALK to your wife ,whenever you have one of those killer urges
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  7. Ofc he should NOT rub one out but he does so no matter what and thats a poibt of his post IMO. So we can either live in a wonderland of what ideally should be happening, or we can get real and work with it. If he stops using P as I suggested, than its a UNDISPUTABLE step forward. Thus i call it one step at a time. Than it will be easier to extend the streaks! Urges to M will be lesser when P is out of the window. Peace..

    Edit: but I agree speaking with your wife is even better, i dont want to fight the opinion above me.. both are valid. My point is, IF everything else fails, than dont use P - it will be beneficial. Howgh
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