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Discussion in 'Women in Reboot' started by Overcomer459, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Overcomer459

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    I have a typical story of PMO since 17 and now I'm almost 30. No current boyfriend.

    Im on day 5 of what is hopefully going to be the longest streak I've ever had. I have been through a few 90 day reboots but I always end up relapsing because singlesness is difficult. But I like myself better while obstaining. I'm more open to the world and other people; I'm happier and I get way more done. I want to post honestly about this journey.

    The first few times were easy but every time I quit cold turkey now, the urges are much more intense. My aim is to change the age-old paths in my brain and find healthier ways to rest and deal with stress. I'm finding that distracting myself with hard work outside or a workout sometimes works; posting here also helps. Here goes nothing.
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  2. GaryMayor

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    It is nice to see you there :)

    It is not like that. Life sometimes seems to be hard, but lack of satisfaction and loneliness is usually effect of using PMO to cope with emotions in the past.
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  3. tdotLotLJ

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    You can do 90 -- one day at a time. Yes, hard work, going outside, posting-encouraging others on NoFap works very good, listening to your favorite music, avoiding risque' [risky; nudity] videos, etc.

    If you get a minute, you can try putting a Day Counter on your webpage is helpful too.
    Just look at the top of the page... in the middle... in the black header ... "Update Day Counter" .... easy to do .... and beneficial.
  4. bibi666

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    Don't give up, PM is a poison that ruins our lives. You are in a right place to fix it.
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