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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by SeekingClarity, Nov 26, 2014.

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    For those struggling or looking for new ways to combat the urges - I've found getting up early to be a big help. I usually experience the urges in the evening time - so if I get up early and get some exercise during the day I'm pretty exhausted by the time evening comes around and it usually outweighs any urges I may get.

    I used to have a friend that I would call every morning to make sure we got up early. Although we've since moved past that I've found the early rising really does help.

    For those considering trying it out, here's a few tips I have:
    1) Do something fun when you wake up. Give yourself something to motivate you to get out of bed. For me, that means a cup or two of coffee and watching some interesting youtube documentaries.
    2) Get a phone buddy to encourage you to get out of bed. Best part here - you don't have to tell them any specifics. Just say you're looking to encourage healthy habits by getting up early.
    3) Do some sort of exercise during the day. It's important to drain energy so you're tired by the end of the day. This could mean going to the gym, or getting a pedometer and making sure you make a certain number of steps. Perhaps take the stairs? Anything to get exercise!
    4) Cease taking in any kind of caffeine after a certain point in the day. You don't want to put anything in your body that'll keep you up.
    5) Have a regularly scheduled "bedtime" and "awake time" and stick to it! Make sure to give yourself a good 8 hours of sleep. It might take a week or so for your body to adjust.
    6) About an hour or so before bed time, cease doing anything that might keep you up - like distracting electronics. Read a book and drink some soothing non-caffeinated tea.
    7) If you reach bedtime and don't feel tired at all - try lying down on the bed and meditating. Sometimes you're much more tired than you feel and your body puts you right to sleep.
    8) If you can't sleep and are still wound up, try to find something to do that'll distract you until you do get tired. Tossing and turning in the bed can be a major source of weakness if you get urges. Make a mental note if you're not tired when you should be. That could be a sign you didn't burn enough energy during the day or had caffeine or sugar too late in the day.
    9) Get a noise maker or a fan. The white noise really helps. Plus if you have noisy roommates who sleep later this will help provide a soothing environment for you to sleep in.
    10) DON'T GIVE UP! It takes time! Initially, you'll probably get more urges because as your body adjusts you'll have a few sleepless nights, but you can adjust and it is worth it.

    Best of luck to any that try this! Hope it works well for you!
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    Hey SeekingClarity, that is also something I am working to, all my research on the issue I think reinforces what you say and here is a link to a wikipedia articles with some further tips and references to studies:

    One method I am going to try which is a little unorthodox is to train yourself to get up as soon as your alarm goes off. This involves during the day when you are awake setting your bedroom up as if you are going to sleep, then setting your alarm for 5 minutes time and getting into bed as if you are sleeping. Then once your alarm goes off immediately getting out of bed and after switching off your alarm doing a series of behaviors that would wake you up such as opening your blinds to let the sun in, doing some pushups or splashing your face with water. Once you have done this take a few minutes to do something else before repeating a few times, each day for as long as you think it is necessary. That way you are conditioning yourself at the sound of that alarm to get out of bed and wake yourself up, as oppose to hitting the snooze button.

    Be interesting to see if others have success I am just starting it.

  3. SeekingClarity

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    That's a great idea! I'm going to start trying the splashing of cold water on the face. I need a little quick perk in the morning to get me going.
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    Waking up early is a great habit to build. I'll add one more thing piece of advice to that- don't access social media (facebook/ instagram) first thing in the morning.

    We shower, brush our teeth and take care of our bodies before we leave our homes in the morning, but rarely take the time to wash our minds.Read something positive in the morning, meditate and visualize to get your mind ready for the day. It makes such a difference.

    NF SINCE BIRTH Fapstronaut

    Awesome tread :D I was thinking about making a thread like this myself sometime soon. I try to get up from bed at 5 am every morning and it really gives you a head start on your day. I have read quite a bit about this myself because I often have problems getting out of bed at the right times.

    What I found out was that our body often is dehydrated when we wake up so drinking a huge cup of water helps to wake up. I also like the idea of splashing water into your face ( Creds to Borg).

    Im personally more a fan of the waking light than the alarm clock. It is basically a light that turns itself on in the mornining an waking you up naturally. You can buy it online for about 100 bucks.

    NF SINCE BIRTH Fapstronaut

    I would also like to mention a few things I read about how to make the transition from a late riser to an early riser. I myself have probably had a sleeping disorder or two. There are some bad habits that can make it really hard to sleep at the right times.

    One is that you spend to much time in bed during day time. By doing this your brain doesn't accociate the bed with sleeping. So get out of bed and stay out of bed is probably the best.

    Other than that I think SeekingClarity have some good points:cool:

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