From Easter to Pentecost - 60 days

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    With my streak nearing 60 days it's time to continue my success story.

    About 15 years ago I dropped out of society at age 23. Being a computer programmer with long-term health problems resulting from a really bad childhood, I moved the hedonistic-nihilistic life goals (money, house, car, boat, notches in the bedpost) down the priority list and shut myself in at home to seek answers and meaning. I didn't plan for that to take that long though and became a social outcast with no job, no friends and no relationships.

    Next to the work of studying a broad range of topics attempting to understand the universe, entertainment media (like video games) provided distraction, while PMO provided sexual release, with the latter unsurprisingly becoming highly problematic.

    After going through various stages of insight through various philosophies found in books and on the Internet, I finally found the truth in the Bible two years ago. At the same time God made Himself known to me. But it wasn't until Palm Sunday this year, when I finally submitted to Him and got set on a journey without sinning through PMO thanks to His grace.

    What happened in the following two months was a complete transformation. Here is a short list of what changed in my personality:
    • Comfortable with leaving the comfort zone
    • Better decision making
    • Social anxiety gone
    • Nervousness gone
    • Became good at conversation
    • Humor improved (especially timing)
    • Became good at reading other people, especially women
    • Confident appearance, sticks even under stress or when feeling bad
    • Dealing with anger, frustration and rejection became much easier
    • In full control of own behavior at all times
    • Vision and hearing improved
    • Voice pitch lowered
    • Skin and hair improved
    • Beard growth increased
    • Thinking speed and concentration improved
    • Musical skills improved
    • Driving skills improved
    • Foreign language skills improved
    • and more
    In short: Literally everything works better without PMO. I suddenly feel like being ten years younger. On day 49 I added a cold shower habit to my game plan, which greatly improves self control.

    The personal changes mentioned above weren't the only ones. Once I submitted, the Lord started providing a lot of signs and commandments and as promised by me I religiously followed them. As a result I found my church on Easter, got to know a lot of nice Christians and got approached by an attractive woman halfway in (when masculinity started to kick in). My whole transformation lead into me being baptized in the name of Christ on Pentecost, where I ended up with many gifts from members of my new parish I didn't knew before.

    Yesterday (Pentecost) has been - by a large margin - the best day of my whole life so far. While NoFap wasn't the only single thing I did and there was a long way leading up to the process, stopping PMO was an important tool to set a chain of events into motion to get reborn as a new man - a follower of Jesus Christ.

    Update: After finally passing 60 days, I received a substantial sum of money.

    Thank God and thanks to all of you.
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  2. Morningmistanew

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    Getting baptized on Pentecost...very cool. Thanks for sharing.
  3. vad

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    Wow such a inspiring story! May God Bless you my friend!! Keep it up bro!!!!
  4. wwtl

    wwtl Fapstronaut

    Thank you brother, God bless you, too!
  5. RockyBalboa97

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    God bless you brother, keep moving foward!
  6. arkad1

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    Only vision improved?
    No fliying or x-ray vision?
  7. wwtl

    wwtl Fapstronaut

    Arkad1, we know you don't approve of NoFap, but what are you doing here then? You have 254 posts which are all about discouraging people trying to improve their lives.
  8. Some people just are just too miserable to accept other happiness when they are suffering themselves. I do believe that God helps people that help themselves and NoFap is a definition of self-improvement which God does approve :D Bless ya @wwtl !
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  9. elibr1212

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    What did you do on this journey? Have you eaten healthy? you slept well? I'd be glad to detail what you did
  10. wwtl

    wwtl Fapstronaut

    This is so true. God bless you, too!

    I didn't change eating or sleeping habits. Though having a Sunday morning schedule helps with that. Otherwise I followed my own advice here.
  11. arkad1

    arkad1 Fapstronaut

    No, i just don't believe not fapping can improve your vision and your hearing, that is total nonsense.

    I do believe it can cure pied, but when i read things like "it improved my hearing", i can't believe any adult over 18 years old can velieve that ;)
  12. wwtl

    wwtl Fapstronaut

    It's scientifically proven, that getting rid of any addiction improves brain function, which in turn effects everything else including senses.

    But if there is no brain function, then there is nothing to improve. Simple as that.
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  13. arkad1

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    How old are you?
  14. sparkywantsnoPMO

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    Staff Member


    Please treat each other with respect.

    NoFap Moderation Team
  15. Dakshinamurti

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    You're an inspiration @wwtl - love your posts, and your outlook. Learning a bit more of the hermit phase of your life, and the spiritual insight gained thereafter, is really interesting. Shame you're getting trolled here for this genuine and well-written post.
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  16. arkad1

    arkad1 Fapstronaut

    I'm not trolling, i'm saying that nofap doesn't improve your vision and hearings, those things are placebo effects, things that people withunstable mind, gullible, think they see...
  17. Dakshinamurti

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    I'm of the belief that there is 4,000+ years of religious practice supporting the claims of the modern Fapstronaut spanning the entire world. There's something to it and I feel that those who cling to modern science as if it knows all of the answers to be the gullible ones ;)

    EDIT: Hey!! Blasted forum autocorrected 'N0Fapper' to 'Fapstronaut!'
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  18. wwtl

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    I'm learned a lot about my past myself during recent weeks, re-evaluating it with a clear mind and making my peace with it.

    While on the surface (and to my parents) hermitage looked like aimless struggle for half a lifetime, even the first decision ("I'm done with worldly goals.") already pointed towards the result. The aimless struggle actually happened beforehand, when I like everyone else tried to get all the "life checkboxes" filled, while looking for distraction outlets to escape the rat race.

    The journey I made afterwards wasn't always fun and full of distractions as well, but it made sense and the process lead to the logical conclusion. And there are no shortcuts either. One doesn't get from "What is wrong with this planet?" to "Christ is the truth." in 90 days. Even if I could time-travel back to tell my story, my young self wouldn't accept the solution.

    Instead I got from first worship service to baptism in 50 days, which is kind of a record for my parish. Once everything is in place, results come in quickly. :D
  19. wwtl

    wwtl Fapstronaut

    Today I reached the milestone of 60 days. :)
  20. Dakshinamurti

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