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    I recently started refraining from masturbation maybe a week ago, and for some reason, it has been extremely easy so far. Even though I was jerking it more than 2 times a day, it is almost like a switch flipped in my brain. I suddenly realized that what I was doing was wrong, and disgusting, and what I did only made me feel happy for a few minutes. Actually, porn didn't even cut it for me. Porn didn't arouse me anymore. And suddenly, 3 years of masturbation came to a close. I still don't know why this happened, but it's felt like I haven't masturbated in years, even though it's been a week. I am worried, though. I have kind of exceeded the maximum boner limit, i guess, and now my body refuses to pump out man bazooka juice to anything but extreme pornography. I don't know how long until my brain fully resets, but I hope it's soon. After a week of not masturbating, I have done things I have never done before, too. On the weekends now, I am building antennas for my ads-b receiving station instead of sitting on my ass and playing video games. I've been talking to girls I would of never talked to, and I really don't know why. I've even managed to get lucky with this one girl. After a week of not masturbating, it's insane at how much i've changed. I'm much more active now, and am actually doing productive things. But the fight is not over. I am still having urges to go and jerk one out, and it's a strong feeling. It's hard to not think about it, but i've kept it under control for now. I'm hoping to sweep masturbation under the rug for the rest of my life, so I can become a better person. I will post weekly updates here on my progress.

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