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  1. it has ruined my life in large extent. I am afraid of making new friends, ruined my relationships(now I am an antisocial and introvert person), jobless in the age of 24, dealing with some major health issues(physically as well as mentally), no self-esteem, and everything worst which could possibly happen in a human life. I am done with myself. I feel like, I don't have any right to live.i have tried many attempts to quit it but failed each time perhaps I was not trying hard.but from today onwards I will give my has wasted my 24 years but now it's over because I quit of being the victim of this demon. I QUIT.
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    Welcome to the first day of your reboot! You're in the right place and I'm glad you found us. You can do this!
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    Yes, you can and will recover. You sound like you have all the determination you need this time. Don't get discouraged cos this will be a hard battle but you will win it will take lots of patience but never get discouraged :)
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  4. thanks for encouraging me..#newgirl
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    Stay strong lady. I believe that if you go successful on this journey, your physical and mental health improve a lot. Keep motivated and focused. Don´t listen your mind about that porn addiction. You are better than that.
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    Everybody has experienced this one time or another in their life. Take it one day at a time.
    Yes, you have every right and promise to live. If you're at your lowest point, there is nowhere to go but up.
    I can relate to all of that. But look for the disguised blessings in life that are right in front of you. carry this attitude forward. Reach out for help and support if you have to. It's all there.
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    Yessssss!!!! Congrats on starting your journey! I started mine two days ago. I'm female and 22...if you need an AP, we can journey together?
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  9. At the time when I decided to quit, I dissolved my journey into various steps like 1 day,3 days,7 days I have completed my 1 day and 3 days challenge successfully and looking forward to 7 days challenge.since last 2to3 years of attempting of quitting porn ,I remember that 10-15 times I was able to complete these two(1 day and 3 days) challenge but never ever completed 7 days challenge, because every time this demon came disguised in the form of 2-3 minutes temporary pleasure and I was being mislaid again and again and again....but not this time. whenever I see my family I always think that I am the biggest cheater in this world who played with everybody's feelings..but that's over I am going to conquer every challenge and will never look back in my life and fulfill my every dream which I dreamt real life begins from right now...
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    @kris11, just remember, progress not perfection. All of these 30 day, 45 day, 60 day, 90 day reboots? They're just a number. I encourage people to take small steps. Set your eye on a prize that you know you can achieve, not on one so far out there, you wonder if you will ever get there. It's easy to say "no more". Any of us can do that.

    So I tell people to set your first goal to 1 day. Then if you make it 1 day, double it to 2 days. If you make it to 2 days, double it to 4 days. Then a week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 60 days, 90 day, 120 days, 180 days, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, 2 years, 3 years, and so forth and so on. And if you have your bar set at 2 weeks, and you only make it 10 days, that's your new bar. Set your next goal for 10 days, and double it each time you accomplish it. Because in theory, if you can make it 10 days, you know you can make it another 10 because you've already accomplished that. The irony is, 3 years is a very big huge magic number for your recovery. If you make it 3 years, you're all but guaranteed permanent remission. You have to go out of your way to relapse. Hyrum Smith founded Franklin Covey, creator of the Franklin Day Planner, said "How to eat an elephant: one bite at a time". Your recovery is a monumental task. You attack it on a logical methodical process to completion "one day at a time".

    Have faith. You'll get there.
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  11. thanks for giving me a better way as well as better advice.... I will follow it w/o any pressure..#ghostwriter
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