Feeling asexual as a rock...

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Deleted Account, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. After 10 12 years of hardcore PMO in my life. Literally wasting away my life.

    I feel no interest in sex whatsoever.

    I wish to live a peaceful life like a Buddhist monk.

    Im only 28.

    Is asexuality a problem?

    Animals in the wild dont fuck so much. Only humans fuck too much.

    In any case i dont want sex.
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    I wanna go back to feeling asexual like during my 4 months streak the last year and many other attempts so bad. If in the future it will happen to have sex with a woman ok but i don't want it to become a routine.
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  4. Asexuality is a problem because i love a girl and she is very much sexual.
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    How long have you been in the relationship, have you talked about this with her?
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  6. 3 years. After intensely experimenting with all kinds of sex.. male domination, female domination etc ive got to a point where i think sex is good but only to be done like 5 6 times in a year.
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    It sounds like you're experiencing loss of libido, not asexuality. To actually be asexual you'd have to meet every single person in the world and not be attracted to them...
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    Asexuality is definetly not a problem... Loss of libido ... Whatever the fuck that means... Can be termed by some as a problem
  9. Can loss of libido be reversed. Im only 28?

    I have about 10 white hairs in my beard.

    Am i premature ageing?
  10. In any case i dont wish to fuck more than once a week..
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    Most likely not aging. Well yes, you are aging, we all age. What I mean is that you probably won't become old-looking at 28. These things just happen. I have friends with white hairs, others that are already starting to bald.

    As for libido loss, look around the forums. Others have experienced this, see what they have to say.
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    Well, complete decline of sex isn´t good (unless you are monk or priest), if you are married and can become parent. Other than that, no, I wouldn´t see it as a problem.
  13. Can loss of libido be healed? How much sex is normal in married life? I wish to marry but too much sex feels like a burden.
  14. A wish not to be lonely and i wish to marry. But a wife will naturally demand lots of sex. I do like sex but like once or twice a month?

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