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  1. I joined NoFap on November 2017. I don't know what to say, but I can't go with this stress, relapsing all the way down. I can't make it up, not even 1 week. My maximum streak is 5 days. I'm quitting my challenges. I can't go without PMO. :(
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    Bro, angane ang thott kodukkalle... you can do it... Note down your triggers, find ways to stay away from them man..
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    Ennum ravile youtubil poyi NOAH BE CHURCH enna channelile oru video kandu nokku... Ennum ravile thanne mind set akkiya mathi.. try meditation,workout etc.,
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    What you feel is very natural.... If you stay committed, this hard feeling helps unwiring your brain. In that sense this suffering is very meaningful. After your recovery you have life long benefits for enduring this.

    Spend more time with friends, neighbors, crowd, outdoor. Indulge in physical activities. Avoid thinking about PMO.

    You do something not because it is easy. You do it because it is right and good for you and your people...

    All the very best
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  5. Yup, nokkatte. Anyway, njan veendum start cheythu, let's see. Avasaanam praanthu pidikkathirunnaal kollaam
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