Fapping and its effects on hormones

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    I believe that fapping a lot is harmful because it has many effects on hormones.

    1. With masturbation comes lots of dopamine, and with lots of dopamine comes lots of prolactin to cancel out that dopamine. And prolactin also blocks testosterone

    2. That dopamine surge also desensitizes the dopamine receptors, so you can't enjoy things as much

    3. It desensitizes the serotonin receptors too

    4. Converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone and could cause baldness

    The testosterone depletion has negative effects such as social anxiety and feminine fat accumlation
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    What are your sources for these serious claims? I'm wondering why fapping hasn't been labled extremly harmful if these 4 points are true. You would think nobody in their right mind would fap if all that stuff actually happened.

    I will say that as a habitual fapper ( started at 16 hardcore, now I'm 27 ), just based on my life I have a feeling some of them are true. I'm balding, don't get as much from my workouts as many other guys, get very very lathargic and tired when I fap a ton, and have pretty much been living the last 10 years in a haze.
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    Well everyone knows drugs kill you, but people still do them anyone so I guess addiction is just addiction.

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