Expect the unexpected.

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    "When one door closes another opens"
    I never believed this cliched quote. It seemed like just another overused term by self-help gurus. But in the past few weeks, I guess some unexpected things have happened which made me believe in this quote.
    Just accepting the things as they are and focusing on the present has had a major impact on my life. Although it was quite hard as I use to daydream a lot. I just wanted my future to be better even though I wasn't taking any actions towards it.
    The most detrimental thing to my self-improvement was dwelling so much on my past mistakes and not focusing on good things in the present.
    And when it comes to porn, I have tried probably hundreds of times to quit in the past three years and failed miserably. But I didn't have this mindset back then and I'm really thankful to people here and YouTubers who have taught me so much about just living a happy life that I've been able to do a complete 180 on my bad habits and attitudes which have held me back for years.
    Looking back at the past few months, I have come to believe that things may not always go as you want and you should expect the unexpected but never be scared of it.
    Keep Fighting!
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    Excellent post. Thanks
  3. Anonymous86

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    Excellent post! Who on YouTube inspired and helped you out? Anyone in particular?
  4. MrSalvatore001

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    Jordan Peterson, Eliot Hulse, Universal Man, Alpha.m, etc. To name a few.

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