Everything you need to know about women attraction - 5 years experience with life hacks

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by sephhh, Mar 16, 2018.

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  1. Sc8r51o1n

    Sc8r51o1n Fapstronaut

    Damn truth!
    I realized some years ago: I look at porn still pictures since child age and my wet dreams are observing people.
    I have exactly 3-4 dreams where I am having sex myself. All else is watching people.
    That was one point when i realised i have problem with Porn.
  2. Sc8r51o1n

    Sc8r51o1n Fapstronaut

    Indeed friends, I am also tall and blue eyed, and during PMO there is nothing happening.
    When I was on my streak, I have had quite a few dates and interest from girls.

    So stop the excuses and stop PMO ;-)
    Get out there and interact. Exposure is everything.
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  3. Hopefulistic

    Hopefulistic Fapstronaut

    I agree. The first thing a person must do after waking up is take a shower.
  4. Sc8r51o1n

    Sc8r51o1n Fapstronaut

    Two weeks later and 28 day streak: cross post, sorry:

    Trigger warning, read on your risk.
    I mentioned that my wet dreams are mostly watching other people. Because since young age i have been watching images of other people doing it.
    This morning I had a detailed and long dream is doing sex with a small sexy girl, that was wanting me. With details of putting the condom and applying saliva as lube. Funny enough I did not even come in both dreams and phisical realities.
    Cheers all.
  5. RipShredd

    RipShredd New Fapstronaut

    Weirdest thing ever. After a relapse, women want nothing to do with you.
  6. wwtl

    wwtl Fapstronaut

    Women don't like masturbators. ;)
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  7. Nick:3

    Nick:3 Fapstronaut

    When you say relapse, does this include Ooing with a girl? I feel its not the best thing to do, but not half as bad as with P.

    Also you mentioned at 60 days women are most attracted to you, does this stay up after 60 days?
  8. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    I'm very pleased to see the activity on this thread. It is a great thread because of your participation! I hope to continue to see more and more.

    I don't consider "Ooing with a girl" to be a relapse; however, I believe it to be healthy to retain sperm for 60-90 days to "reset" from all the dopamine manipulation porn has done to the mind. The main reason I suggest this is because a sex addict can easily just transfer the addiction to a person, substance or activity. (Sex, drugs, alcohol, gaming.. etc..). It comes down to strategy and what you want your journey to be; do you want to heal as fast as possible? Or is it too difficult to stop cold turkey that you want to just have sex with women/a woman; it's okay to do that but it isn't as powerful. It's best to love yourself first before you can love others. Depends on your circumstance as well, are you married? Then I would say have sex and "Oo" because you're likely wanting to strengthen your marriage.. There is not a single correct answer and I see a lot of comments often asking.. It's YOUR journey so choose the method that works AS LONG AS YOU STOP LOOKING AT PORN.

    I think nofap journeys are often overthought and perhaps some people are infatuated with it. The best solution, in my opinion, is to just keep your thoughts clean and busy and don't touch or have anyone touch your junk for 60-90 days; as easy as 1, 2, 3! From there just observe and take notes as each day, week, month goes by and document how awesome/different you become. To be honest, I think the less you think about it the less you become part of the polarity of NOFAP versus FAP; be neutral and maintain consistency. Once you have that breakthrough your higher-self starts becoming the normal-self.

    I have noticed women remained attracted to me after 60 days. I know there are guys on here that want to try nofap simply because they want to have more woman attraction. But there is a paradox here; your mind outputs wavelengths that are measurable, constantly thinking of getting your d*ck wet you are on a very low frequency wavelength. When maintaining a clean, pure and non-aggressive mentality women pick up on and see that you're happy with yourself; when they see that they want that. You're different for some reason and their intuition is giving them a thumbs up!

    Women are like gazelles, when they sense something wrong or off, they run. These basic instincts of fear are protective instincts for them. We are more like lions/wolves hungry and women are like deer/gazelles. Unless you're a masterful salesman they totally notice your wavelengths. With that said, when i re-imagine myself at my peak I always had more discipline over my mind. My thoughts became more pure and women would often would tell me, "I feel comfortable with you.." (I've heard that sooo many times...).

    Anyways, it's your journey! Just be a better you! :)
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  9. ArisePrime

    ArisePrime Fapstronaut

    So are u saying as soon as you think you wanna bang them they will run??
  10. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    The way you staged your question is slanted. How can you suggest that "you think you wanna bang them they will run??" hahaha... You completely misread the entirety of my suggestions. There is no answer to this dumb question; but to entertain you, I will answer as best as I can:

    We are sexual beings and we need sexual release because it is part of life and reproduction. In my experience, what worked the best was when I discovered the difference of being turned on by myself or ONLY letting myself be turned on by a woman ONLY in person with them. It's very simple strategy; you are playful, fun and outgoing with them, smile and laugh with them; once you feel you open them up a little bit you can get away with a little bit more dirtier jokes.. more subtle.. NOT PERVERTED.. but subtle.. there's got to be a certain level of swagger with the way you present yourself, the way you talk, the way you say things and let them lead themselves to be curious. You remain relaxed, eager but not too eager, let them know you are hungry but always satisfied. Then eventually when they're ready they will come after you, usually late night on a fun date. Then you give them that good energy and they come back for more! hahaha.. don't be a masturbater or a prevert .. it's a redflag indicator for them! Just imagine yourself a woman having to deal with all the bullshit men throw at them, having the prospect of getting pregnant, their fears and worries and what draws them to a man and the common denominator is feeling secure; sometimes through financial or emotional security. Ask any woman, they say aura, confidence and they just want to laugh and have fun and be safe. They're already telling you what they're looking for! SO JUST BE THAT..

    Additionally, the polarity paradigm (to run or stay - pervert or saint) would suggest on what level you are controlled and impressed by such thoughts to cause them to run. It's the sex addict or saint. It's not necessarily being a saint with your thoughts; BUT YOUR ENERGY.

    It's the energy of you in which aligns with the energy of the other individual. I've been assuming that readers want to better themselves, as well as, gain attention from quality and/or quantity women.
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  11. theFounder

    theFounder Fapstronaut

    so how things going with you @sephhh ?
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  12. Sc8r51o1n

    Sc8r51o1n Fapstronaut

    Hi all,

    I had a little situation and wanted to report here.
    Day 70-ish.
    I am out of 2h dancing lesson with tens of women there.
    I am thinking about the salsa rhythm and am ringing my keychain. Good mood.
    A dog across the street on my way notices me and stares curiously.
    I say hi to the dog. It is on a leash and it sits.
    I reach my hand to make friends. A black labrador lets say.
    I ask the owner what is that petty creature name.
    She says "Bruno. And he sits like that for the first time!"

    She is astonished I can say.

    The story ends here as I did not make a move. My own blockages played there.

    Another story of "animals like you more when you are on nofap".
    I am guest visiting a friend. They have a dog. I loves me to pet it.
    I ask if the dog is like this and they said that it chooses who to pet it, and it is extra petty with me.

    Life is good, women are built to attract men, men are built to attract women, find what pushes women away from you. - - Brian Begin
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  13. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut


    I felt impressed to share the above YouTube video with this thread.

    @theFounder Hey my brother, appreciate the question! I am doing well; I felt like my energy levels peaked pretty well today. I am hyper concentrated on my business and making that work; although I do have attraction stories. I have a girlfriend right now so that’s going pretty well. I can’t say I’ve been the best at sperm retention presently. But my girlfriend is pretty chill and we don’t fight she wants to be with me every single day. I can’t say I’m extremely passionate about the relationship but I do feel I enjoy the stability she offers me, it’s a breath of fresh air. There’s two pretty girls I work with that I feel are trying to play mind games with me but I’m too smart

    @Sc8r51o1n just today I was at my mothers house and her dog, who never pays much attention to anyone, was sitting outside the bathroom door waiting for me to come out. Animals love good energy.
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  14. HornyChang

    HornyChang Fapstronaut

    Holy shit, this is so true. You perfectly explained what happened with me. When I was super horny and desperatr during my long streaks I would never get any action from girls but the times when I wasnt horny at all and not thinking about it. Things would happen like getting my first makeout and losing my virginity. This has got to be the key here. Thank you sephhh! for all this wisdom.
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  15. ZenAF

    ZenAF Fapstronaut

    If you want women just watch the dog whisperer and learn.
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  16. Fullyawake

    Fullyawake Fapstronaut

    I am proud of myself. I’ve been on nofap for a good length of time, and I’ve been focused on self improvement. At the start of this week I said I’d join a dating site. I did. I’ve been talking to a beautiful woman, and we’ve arranged to meet tomorrow for lunch. I’m going to treat her like a Queen. Really excited.
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