erectile dysfunction at 26.

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    So I had low testosterone and several urologists felt that increasing it would bring my morning wood and sex drive didn’t after doubling my testosterone from 250 to 500. I did a ultrasound without an erection injection twice and it came out that I had perfect blood flow. Then I recently did an ultrasound with an injection and they said I had vascular disease. My other doctor had his ultrasound expert check it out and he doesn’t believe the test is right. but i really don't know. i do know i'm not getting morning wood, libido, or random erections.

    My se drive is shot. If I had vascular issues would I still get horny and just not fully erect or how does it work?
  2. Younameit

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    you need testosterone injections
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    I'm not a doctor but I think you need another doctor and another test, to make things clear.
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    You naturally raised your testosterone somehow? Thats rarely permanent, honestly you might want to see about getting injections, or pellets. If you've developed hypogonadism(several different causes of this) you'll love yourself for bringing your test back into the high end of the normal range. 500 still isn't that high, whats your free testosterone? Thats what counts more than anything, though the more total testosterone, the more free testosterone tends to be available. I'd request a full Thyroid blood test before attempting TRT. If you've got Thyroid issues you're unaware of that can, and will suppress your testosterone, and every other hormone, it's more or less the command center so to speak. Hypothyroidism is easily treated if that turns out to be an issue.

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