Discrimination to tall people

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by wethebest, May 10, 2018.

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    I'm traveling by airplane as we speak for my cousins graduation. This has been on my mind for a long while and I'm bored right now. This is particularly true for people over let's say 6 1/2 feet.

    When I was younger I loved airplanes. When I was flying it was like a dream come true, I was never nervous or afraid (I never had a fear of heights). I loved it. The airline industry crushed that dream when I grew up. They make the airplanes designed so that I cant enjoy it anymore. My legs are cramped up and if I needed more leg room (which I do) I need to pay extra for leg room, discrimination.

    Also my childhood dream was to be an astronaut up in space.. NASA, which I do like and support as a governmental organization, has requirement that if you're over a certain height you can't go to space. Bye bye dream I guess.

    It's just a sad culture we live in where this stuff goes on w/o consequence. We need better traveling methods that don't cost an arm and a leg. Also this next flight, I'm terrified. It's 3-4 hours. And I'm riding southwest (which is good compared to american airlines:mad:) and I'm section boarding C something. Which means I'm gonna be a middle seat or if I'm lucky a window, which is a death seat.

    On lord help me
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  2. Abird

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    I agree with you. They want more chairs, so they can get more people in a plane -> more profit. If you are tall this really sucks
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    I'm average height and I'm still cramped in there. I'd rather they charge more per ticket.
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  4. I can sympathise, even though I have only been on a plane 6 times. I am not as tall as you either. But at 6' 3", I am tall enough for leg room to be a major issue. This has affected me much more in attending music venues over the years! :(
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  5. I'm not even tall and I totally agree about flying, it's so horribly cramped and claustrophobic. All about profit and greed like Abird says. I havent taken a plane in years as it makes me panic, not due to the terrorism threats or fear of flying but due to the claustrophobia and all the waiting in queues and bag checking like everyone is a criminal = major panic triggers for me. I would pay the extra for the leg room if I were you, to reduce the stress. I once bought a first class train ticket rather than economy for the same reasons and it instantly stopped my panic attack just by having space to breathe in the train. We got free tea, coffee and biscuits which pretty much made up for the extra cost which helped! ☺

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    Depends which airliner you take. I’ve been on several with comfortable seating. In my experiences, something about the USA makes flying to/from there quite expensive compared to most other places, so that could be why this issue’s so prevalent on American carriers.

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